Is Chippendales Still in Business? Who is the owner of Chippendales now?

Chippendales Still in Business

When the first Chippendales stripteases that were all-male in the latter part of the 1970s, it was hardly a thing to be seen. The performances quickly grew in popularity among women, and Chippendales were the most sought-after location for many.

However, during the years following, tensions between the owners and the staff behind the scenes resulted in an enthralling story of attempted murder, suicide, and murder. In the present, A&E’s ‘Secrets Of the Chippendales’ delve into the company’s history and what transpired from a successful business. If you’re considering similar questions that we are, then we’ve got your back.

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Is Chippendales Still in business?

Somen “Steve” Banerjee owned a nightclub located in Los Angeles, California, and in 1979, he launched the first stripper show exclusively male at the club. In the following years, it was discovered that the shows created a profitable business, and the entrepreneur Steve wanted to increase the popularity. The result was that he hired Nick De Noia, an actor, and choreographer on television.

Amid their peak, Chippendales had clubs in various states. Nick was the one who took them across the country, traveling to various cities with dancers and performing an event. In the early days, Steve had signed over the rights to and a portion of the revenue from touring in a now-famous napkin contract with Nick.

But, when it became apparent, the tour was a far more profitable venture than the real club, and that relationships with Nick and Steve became strained. The result was a murder-for-hire plot in which Steve sought out a person to have Nick killed, culminating in the murder of the choreographer in 1987.

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After pleading guilty to the murder-for-hire scheme, Steve killed himself inside a prison cell in October 1994. He was dead before the scheduled hearing for sentencing. Since that time, Chippendales has changed owners but has continued to operate. The company has shows on The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, continuing to feature dancers in their distinctive bowtie, collar, and shirt cuff costumes.

In addition to their usual shows, they provide services for bachelorette parties and birthday celebrations, among other things. While a variety of male revue shows have cropped up in the years since Chippendales first debut, the show is considered the most popular and draws large audiences. The dancers from Chippendales were expected to be on a planned tour around the globe. However, it appears that the COVID-19 virus has put a stop on that they will not be able to go on tour for the moment.

Who is the owner of Chippendales now?

In the late 1990s, Lou Pearlman, a record producer who founded and directed The Backstreet Boys, bought the Chippendale brand. Lou hoped to transform it into a boy group in the early days, but it was an unsuccessful endeavor. Later, he was convicted of fraud and passed away in prison. According to the report of 2013, Chippendales are owned by several businessmen who hail from New York.

In addition to the shows that take place at the bar, the business also offers products that are licensed as part of its business. In addition, Steve’s son, Christian Banerjee, is also an actor who started his own business, Strippendales, in 2020. He is hoping to attain the level of fame and fame that the company his father founded in the 1980s.

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