Is Cod Warzone Crossplay? | How to Setup Crossplay in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is an online video game. It was published on March 10, 2020. It is a free battle royal video game with high quality graphics. Is Call of Duty Warzone a cross-platform game?

Does it support cross-play or not? These are some basic questions that everyone needs to know. As we all know, the trend of multiplayer games started a lot of years ago and every year it has grown up. Like other online games, Warzone is also a multiplayer online game but whether it supports cross-platform or not.

In a single line, we can say that Warzone is a cross-play game. To know more about this game cross-play, you need to read the full article below.

Is Call Of Duty Warzone Crossplay ?

About Cross-Platform and Crossplay

Before reading the full article, we need to understand what the cross-platform or cross-play means? According to technical studies, Cross-platform is a sort of program that operates on multiple devices. 

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In gaming, cross-platform means you can easily play and communicate with your friends  having different devices in different gaming platforms.

Does Warzone Support Crossplay?

The answer is “YES”. As most of the people know, that many video games enabled players to compete against other people who owned the same console as them. For example PS5 players could only play against PS5 players. 

But not in the case with Call of Duty Warzone. It is a game which is designed in such a way that it supports Cross-Play, which means it is a cross-platform game. While having different devices you can easily play this game with each other.

Platforms that Supports Warzone

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Playstation4
  • Playstation5
  • Xbox one
  • Xbox series

Call of Duty Warzone for Android

This game isn’t supported on android/ Mobiles. But a few weeks back, Activision (Video game publisher) had announced on their verified twitter account that they are finally preparing for the Call of Duty Warzone for Android also. So, the Call of Duty Warzone game is officially confirmed for android.

Is Warzone Cross-Play Xbox and PS4

Yes. As we discussed above, Warzone is a Cross-Platform game so it can easily cross-play between Xbox and PS4. Same goes with PS4 and PC.

Enable Call of Duty Warzone Crossplay

In order to set your Call of Duty Warzone crossplay, you must first go to the Social menu located at the top left edge of your Warzone lobby display. It will show anyone else gaming on the exact platform. However, if you would like to add players from different systems, follow the Add Friends button in the left-hand corner of the screen.

It will give you the option of searching for friends by using their Activision Account or a number different gaming accounts based on the platform you play on. Input your friend’s name and click the arrow in the upper right side to invite them and once they’ve accepted, you’ll be able meet in the Friends section of the main screen for Social.

Then, you’ll need to choose your friend from the Social screen, and then select Join Game to join their lobby, or invite them to Party to invite them over to your home. There’s also a Whisper feature that lets you send your friend a text message using the game’s chat feature that isn’t snooty in any way. 

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If the choices to join game or invite to Party are locked out there will be a message on the end of the menu that will clarify why the player isn’t able to be added, so you need to solve the issue and you’ll be set for Call of Duty Warzone crossplay within a matter of minutes.


Call of Duty Warzone supports Cross-Play. It is the first call of duty game which supports both multiplayer and cross-platform. 

This game is currently available on PC, Xbox, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5. This game performed well on these platforms. You can simply download it for free in about 80-100 GB of storage.

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