Is Eliminated 42 Contestant hinting at Who's Most Likely To Get Voted Off?

Is Eliminated 42 Contestant hinting at Who’s Most Likely To Get Voted Off?

The new period of “greatest human experiment” on TV is here! Survivor 42‘s premiere episode recapped the complex twists and turned from the previous season and the shocking initial medical removal of the host Jeff Probst. 

The show did not end with the tribal council. The other contestant left the stage. The player who was eliminated broke down the scenario recently, but did they also give hints as to who’s most likely to be the one to be removed shortly?

Survivor 42 Cast Member Names Some Names

Due to post-COVID contests being cut by almost two weeks and the many added benefits. That means that a lesser amount of footage gets to air. 

Zach Wurtenberger, the first official voter-off of Season 42, revealed one of those moments never broadcast in Entertainment Weekly. It suggests Drea Wheeler is getting into trouble. He added: This isn’t something that they’ve shown during the TV show. The lie Drea told when she returned to the Island was, “Okay guys, we took the most strenuous hike. We hiked all up the hill. 

Then we walked all down the trail. Then it was over.” [Laughing] Yes, it was the major opening episode’s twist. Then she said, “But I do know specific details that I have discovered. 


There’s something that’s to be found on this Island. Then I thought, “That’s Survivor! It’s not a surprise. It’s the way it is played. Based on the authenticity of the lying, we were confident that she had some advantage.

In reality, he talks about Drea Wheeler taking the prisoner’s journey ( an unprecedented move) with two other tribes’ castaways. (And she got the alleged benefit that she could get an extra vote as a result of the hike.) 

Her lies being apparent to all (except the viewers) does not bode well for her standing in the coming week. The Ika tribe is by far the most physically weak of all the tribes, which means they’re likely to (save a fantastic chance) be deciding who to vote out once more shortly. 

Tori Meehan has already proven that she won’t go away without a fight. Should we learn something from season 41 this season, those who have a proven advantage can take precedence over tribe strength in the initial phases.

Survivor 42’s Next Tribal Council Could Get Very Interesting

There’s also the possibility there’s a chance that Romeo Escobar could be on the cutting block in the coming week, given what was revealed by Zach Wurtenberger told. 

Escobar and Wurtenberger were thought to be part of”the “skinny male alliance” in the larger alliance of them as well as the other young people (Swati Goel and Tori Meehan). 

But the 22-year-old contestant said to the news outlet that Escobar’s lies were apparent to the rest of the group in a statement that read:

It was evident in the nick of time that we weren’t taking Romeo over on the third day. I recall us leaving, three little ones going, and Romeo was about to follow us. 

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Then I observed Romeo talking to Drea and saying, “What do you do?’ I thought, “Oh, okay, this is how Romeo is doing this moment.’ We then needed to change our course.

In the same way, Ika has two prime strategic threats within their sphere of influence. Romeo Escobar has the added disadvantage of being the self-described “skinny person.” Both he and Drea Wheeler belong to the “majority” principal partnership with Rocksroy Bailey However, the only thing it’d require is to get Bailey to change the outcome. And, as I’ve said, I’m hoping for as much to occur in the new time of “Survivor”.

However, as always, there are a lot of unknown possibilities that could alter the course of events. Maybe Drea Wheeler can use her hard-earned extra vote advantage in case of an opportunistic act? 

Perhaps the Ika tribe is victorious in the next immunity contest and makes another group scramble? 

Many issues, however, we’ll need to watch the next episode airs on CBS Wednesday, 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time according to the 2022 schedule to find out the complete answers.

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