Ex on the Beach

Is Ex on the Beach US on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

“Ex on the Beach” is a reality TV show inspired by the British show with an identical name. The show follows a group of single celebrities who travel to the beach to have a blast enjoying the sun while enjoying a bit of romance. However, the fun is disrupted by the arrival of their ex-lovers. Actor and rapper Romeo Miller serves as the host, and Welborn Ferrene is the narrator.

This dating reality show has been running for several seasons and has cultivated fans who are loyal because of its distinctive format and non-adulterated drama that takes place following the arrival of the exes. It is likely to have caught your attention, and we’re sure you know the best way to stream it!

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What is Ex on the Beach About?

Ten fascinating reality stars set off on holiday with the goal to have fun while earning fame and perhaps finding love throughout the process. The show develops new relationships form, and the dynamics of the show are forming. But, things go off the rails when the ex-girlfriends of these famous people arrive on the island.

In light of the potential nature of their past relationships, broken-up splits, and the current situation of their ex-lovers, These relics of the past are definitely enjoyable to watch. The cast members struggle to find a new partner and ward off their ex-lovers, leaving an impression on the viewers and perhaps squeezing in some beach fun. If the concept for the MTV show has made you want more, we have the answer!

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Is Ex on the Beach on Netflix?

People who love ‘Ex on The Beach’ viewers will have to look elsewhere since Netflix does not have the reality series. People who are interested in viewing something similar to it can watch previous couples attempt to find a having a happy ending on’ “Back With the Ex.’ Netflix users can also watch the romantic dating show “Love Is Blind,” in which couples attempt to search for the ideal person for themselves, but without having to meet. You can stream the show here!!

Is Ex on the Beach on Hulu?

Unfortunately, ‘Ex on the Beach’ is not accessible in Hulu’s basic subscription. However, you can still watch it on the MTV channel by simply adding it to the Hulu subscription on this page. In addition, the streaming service has some interesting options, such as ‘Married at First Sight.’ The reality show follows a group of strangers who are paired together by experts and be married the same day they meet. Hulu customers are also able to choose to watch the wildly popular show ‘The Bachelor, in which a number of women attempt to win the love of a man who is single.

Is Ex on the Beach on Amazon Prime?

The reality series isn’t available for viewing with the normal Prime subscription. But, you can watch ‘Ex on the Beach’ by adding an existing Paramount+ subscription with your Prime Membership on this page. Alternatively, you can make use of the service to purchase a single show from the series for $2.99 or the complete season of the show for $19.99.

Is Ex on the Beach on HBO Max?

Although HBO Max does not have “Ex on the Beach” in its offerings, don’t let that deter you, as the site offers a variety of great alternatives. Three women are taking a trip to a beautiful island while being seduced by 24 different guys in “FBOY Island. The show also has a Christmas-themed twist. The show “12 Dates of Christmas’ is based on the same concept with three gorgeous singles searching for a love match. You can view the show on this page!

Where to Watch Ex on the Beach Online?

“Ex on the Beach” is available for streaming the show on ParamountPlus. The series’ episodes can be found on the official site that is owned by MTV. If you’d like to purchase or buy the show, it is possible to do so through YouTube, Microsoft Store, Vudu, or iTunes. It is also possible to watch the series through Sling TV, FuboTV, YouTubeTV, Xfinity, and DirecTV.

How to Stream Ex on the Beach for Free?

If you’re looking to watch “Ex on the Beach” at no cost, the official site of MTV could be the best option as it has the entire series at no cost with advertisements. Paramount+ offers a week-long trial for free, which is accessible through Amazon Prime, that can be used to view the show. Hulu offers a 30-day trial at no cost. However, the introduction of MTV services is subject to cost.

Sling TV also offers a 30-day trial period for new customers, with Xfinity offering the same. YouTubeTV offers a week-long trial for free, and DirecTV offers new customers five days to use its services without cost. In all fairness, we would like to remind our readers not to use any method that is illegal to stream their most loved shows and pay for relevant subscriptions.

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