Is F1 2021 Cross-Platform? Let’s Check Out

Is F1 2021 Crossplay? Cross-gen play in F1 2021

Formula One is not only a game, it’s now have become brand. Millions of gamers are enjoying F1 game that has been published by the Electronic Arts. With F1 2021 coming shortly, the fans want to know if the new game will shatter the barriers between gamers. Also, Is F1 Crossplay, this is the widely asked question. So, find out the answer below.

Is F1 2021 Crossplay? Cross-gen play in F1 2021

The concept of Crossplay allows players with different platforms to play within the same online lobby. It’s been around for many years but has already made an enormous impact on the duration and number of players of games using it.

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Mainly used most often in Battle Royales to continuously fill rooms with more than 100 players, the Crossplay is now an integral part of the most popular games in the world. However, it’s not a sport. At least not yet.

This year, in the first instance, it will be the first time F1 will be the first F1 game is a cross-generational game. The game will launch across PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Future of Crossplay within the F1 series

There isn’t any crossover for Crossplay in F1 2021. This was more of hope from the community rather than a genuine wish for the year ahead. It’s something Codemasters is aware of.

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“The work that would have been required to create private leagues when people could have been on different platforms in the future is something we’ll have to address,” I told Mather when discussing the multiplayer aspect of F1 2021

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