Is Fall Guys Crossplay? Check Out Here!

The game Fall Guys has taken the gaming industry by storm after its release for PlayStation as well as PC. Apart from the easy and delightful gameplay, the main reason for Fall Guys’ early success was the fact that it was an absolutely no-cost PS Plus offering for its initial month. 

This formula has been replicated in the past with Destruction AllStars but it didn’t yield the same results. The PS5 game may be completely free to play within the near future.

Fall Guys’ popularity was always going to drop off the cliff entirely just a few months after it was released. 

The game is still in existence and is likely to be hit by a couple of welcomed bumps. The first could be in the works when Mediatonic announced that Fall Guys is now compatible with cross-platform play.

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It means you can play with your friends playing on PC regardless of whether you have this game for PlayStation and the reverse is also true.

The Fall Guys did support crossplay prior to this point, but in a limited amount. It was possible to play with your players from the opposite platform but only within Custom Shows. 

It is now possible to do this across all modes, including Duos, Squads or the Main Show or anything else that Fall Guys has to offer , including the new Sweet Thieves mode.

The topic of cross-platform support gameplay for Fall Guys has got players asking a second crucial question. 

When will we be able to play on Xbox as well as Switch? Fall Guys was announced for both platforms about a year ago, and was scheduled to launch in the summer of last year. 

The launch was delayed without any explanation and there’s been no significant update up to the present and even this week’s announcement does not reveal any information.

In the notes of the update is the assurance in the update notes that an Xbox and Switch expansion isn’t over yet. 

Mediatonic claims that it’s “finalizing the development” of the games for the other platforms and even though it’s not a part of the update, it’ll definitely be included in one very soon. 

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Mediatonic will be keen to release it into the world earlier rather than later as the Fall Guys is still on people’s minds. 

The studio may have granted its own a boost in this way by injecting new energy into the title by introducing its complete cross-platform support.

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