Is First Class Trouble Crossplay?

Is First Class Trouble Crossplay?

First Class Trouble is a multiplayer game that mixes co-operation and deceit as the players attempt to determine whom they should trust as they battle to survive on a luxurious space cruise ship hit by an A.I. uprising.

First Class Trouble intends to imitate other social deduction games available and adds its unique design. Four players have to accomplish tasks aboard a luxurious spaceship while ensuring they don’t get killed by two AI Humanoids that look exactly like them.

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Set in a different 1950s timeline, First Class Trouble looks like Among Us meets Clue’s board game. While it’s enjoyable to play random matches with strangers, multiplayer games such as these are typically more enjoyable when played with your friends. This guide will guide players through the steps to benefit from cross-play on PS4, PS5, and PC.

First Class Trouble Crossplay 2022

PS4 As well as PS5

Interplay among PS4 and PS5 Playing with PS4 and PS5 First Class Trouble is pretty effortless. Friends can invite one another via their PSN profiles or invite each other using the game’s options. In the menu at the top, hit Triangle to display the PlayStation friends list.

From there, select whomever who you would like to collaborate with and send invitations to them. When friends accept that they want to join, they’ll be invited to the group and all can begin playing. Some server issues have caused First Class problems, and certain groups may be unable to get a game going, especially playing in a crossplay event.

The First Class Trouble Game Crossplay between PC and PlayStation

To play crossplay on PC, PS4, and PS5 players have to look up the ID number of their friend rather than their username. To do this, click the icon for friends in the upper right-hand side of the PC screen or press the touchscreen to play with the PS4 or PS5 controllers.

Then, click “Find User”, enter the ID into the gray-colored box, and click “Search”. To find out what your friend’s ID is in the first Class Trouble, get them to click on “Party”. 

The ID number is the number that appears in red, following the hashtag. It’s next to their username.

After the correct user is identified and verified, they will add them to your “Friendslist” menu, making inviting friends to parties much easier the next time. 

Since First Class Trouble launching as an entirely gratis PS Plus game in November it is likely to have plenty of players to add to the list in the initial hype surrounding its launch on consoles.

The social deduction game hasn’t been launched yet for Xbox consoles. However, Game Pass Ultimate adding one of the top games in 2021, Xbox users have another co-op option to keep them entertained in November.

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Is First Class Trouble single player?

FIRST Class TROUBLE is an eight player social deduction game in a spaceship that is attacked by a rogue artificial intelligence called CAIN.

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