Is Freddie Leaving The Braves?

Freddie Leaving Braves – Is it True? Check Out Now!!!

Everyone wants answer to this question but only a few know the truth. Read till the end to find out the whole story.

Is Freddie Leaving The Braves?

Yes, it’s true that Freddie Freeman is gone. Olson, who is as excellent, if not even better, will play first base, and Freeman is sent on to… perhaps the Dodgers. Yankees? Whatever. It’s not like he’ll be hitting the Phillies for a long time. The Braves have been with him for twelve years. Braves. Twelve years of full-time service!

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The dude was a massive troublemaker in the ass. However, I did a quick review of his averages throughout his career, and they’re pretty much comparable to what he’s accomplished with the Phillies.

We could think that he was a killer because he was the long-tenured divisional player who was always to be in the game. He was a part of really great Braves teams who have recently put together several division championships. Take all that together, and it might feed the beast a more. So, I’m waiting for the Phils to make a move and secure a significant free agent.

Here are his career-long splits against the Phils:

  • 194 games
  • .298 average
  • .398 percent of the base
  • .495 slugging
  • .893 OPS
  • 208 hits
  • 45 extra-base hits
  • 30 home runs
  • 120 RBI

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