Is Godfall Crossplay in 2022? | PS4 and PS5

Godfall was the first PS5 game to be announced in the year 2019 Video Game Awards, and since then, Godfall has been a mystery for many.

Although the visuals are undoubtedly stunning and unique, some have been worried about whether this game is worth it.

Although the reviews have been less than perfect, some people want to know before purchasing if Godfall is a crossplay game for PS5 or PC. Find out here.

Is Godfall Crossplay in 2022?

The developers and publisher don’t even address the issue of Godfall Crossplay before the release, which leads us to believe that it’s not an option.

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The same was later confirmed to be accurate due to the FAQ article. “Not at the moment.” It reads, addressing the question about Godfall crossover play and cross-save compatibility for PC or PS5.

But this doesn’t mean Godfall support for cross-platform isn’t coming. If it’s lucky, we may be able to see it as a post-launch update similar to what happened in other games.

Does Godfall Have Cross Platform Multiplayer?

There isn’t a cross-platform multiplayer or cross-platform Crossplay for Godfall.

Godfall isn’t offering cross-platform multiplayer or Crossplay with PC or PS5 at its launch.

Can PS4 and PS5 play Godfall together?

The exclusive PS5 console “looter-slasher” Godfall is now available on PS4. The PS4 version is a free next-gen upgrade from the PS5 and includes cross-gen play. PS4 or PS5 users can join in multiplayer.

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Does Godfall include cross-save?

Godfall is playable by yourself or in co-op mode with up to three players. Can you play Cross-play or save between Playstation 5 and PC? It’s not available at the moment.

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