Gtfo Crossplay

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GTFO is a first-person survival horror cooperative game created by Swedish indie studio 10 Chambers. GTFO launched on the 9th of December in 2019, on Microsoft Windows, on Steam’s Early Access to a positive game’s reception by users. The game officially launched two years later, on the 10th of December 2021 during The Game Awards 2021.

GTFO Players form a group consisting of four scavengers required to investigate the vast underground complex to fulfill the Warden’s requirements. This is made more difficult by the presence of grotesque sleeping monsters that have taken over the entire area. 

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Players must think strategically to plan, organize, ration resources, sneakily fight off enemies to live, and then work to meet the requirements of the Warden, and then be granted the right to leave.

Gtfo Crossplay

GTFO will arrive on PC first. Any publication stating that GTFO will be released on any other platform other than PC is not accurate. The GTFO development team is not large enough to be able to create a release for multiple platforms. “If it is proven that the PC version is sufficient and successful, we would certainly love to bring GTFO onto other systems too” — GTFO Team.

Is GTFO going to be free?

All of it is entirely free. You can view a video playthrough of the new video above. GTFO is an atmospheric and dark mix of Alien-style horror and Left 4 Dead.

Does GTFO be played as a single-player game?

One could play the game as a single-player also, however GTFO’s most memorable moments are played with the presence of a group of similar-minded players or acquaintances. However, playing online without a group could frame GTFO in the worst possible light.

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How long will it take to beat GTFO?

GTFO follows a group of four characters who descend into a research facility. The Warden wants you to get rid of the Rundown using your sources and a collaborative strategy with the team. At the moment, the game offers 10 playable maps. It can take up to 100 hours of play to finish together with your team.

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