Is it True That Xiao’s Gonna Die? Update

Everybody is suddenly claiming that he’s going to die in 2.7. I am so confused.

Do you have any information about the 2.7 updates or archon quest? How is that possible? Xiao is dead there.

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Genshin Impact 2.7 Update – Some cutscene teasers were reportedly leaked

We have compiled all information from the leaked scenes.

Genshin Impair Version 2.7 was released today. It was well-received by the community. Many players grabbed the Yelan banner immediately after it was available. While some players won, others are still trying. However, this version will be the fastest as it will remain up until July 13, with the 2.8 Update following. Some Genshin Impact Update cutscene leaks were apparently discovered on the internet by Reddit user u/SirPossum. Let’s look at each image to get as much information as we can.

Genshin Impact 2.2.7 Update Cutscene Leaks

Let’s go through each image one more time and see if we can get as much information as we can.

Images 1 and 2 by Xiao

Xiao seems to be reaching for something in a flashback. It could be one of his Yaksha friends. It could be in the current storyline. Xiao may save, revive, or wake up another Yaksha.

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Images 3 and 4. Dead people or were they ever alive?

The Hydra Yaksha is here. Genshin is known for killing characters without bias, but it seems like they tried something new this time. One theory is that Hydro Yaksha is back from the dead or, more accurately, that she is out of long hiding.

Image via miHoYo

Another theory about Chiyo, a close friend to Raidenshogun Ei, is that she is embedded within the Maguu Kenki.

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Genshin Impact 2.7 Update Story is set to revolve around one of the Yakshas.

It is not clear what the truth of things is, and speculations based on baseless assumptions can only take us so far. At least one Yaksha is involved in the story, and it’s not Xiao. Bosacious was one of the most powerful Yakshas. He was strong enough to resist the madness. They might be hiding in the shadows.

It is now up to them whether they will join the Traveler. Genshin will only go up from now, as evident by the way things are unfolding and the huge investment HoYoverse made in developing future stories.

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