Is Lilah “LJ” Folger Jr. Dead? Will Annalise Basso Be in Snowpiercer Season 4?

This is the third episode of TNT’s post-apocalyptic drama “Snowpiercer,” which follows Lilah “LJ” Folger Jr.’s life following the demise of both her parents. She gets married to Oz and is Miss Audrey’s queen night car. When Layton and his comrades connect the pirate train with the Snowpiercer and lead to the imprisonment of Wilford, LJ tries her best to aid the oppressive engineer.

Despite her efforts to help Wilford escape Layton’s jail, the fact that she is not there and the departure of Oz to join Layton lead her to the point of. In the third season’s finale, LJ suffers an accident, and one begins to wonder if she’s dead. Let’s discover! SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Is Lilah “LJ” Folger Jr. Dead?

Yes, Lilah “LJ” Folger Jr. is dead. In the event that Melanie and Layton decide to split their Snowpiercer into two trains, Oz informs LJ that he’s joining Layton for a trip toward New Eden. As a Wilford all-time ally, LJ chooses not to join Layton and remains on Melanie’s train. Oz’s emotional departure affects her very badly. When she realizes that even Wilford will be there to help herself, LJ becomes completely hopeless. She picks up her father’s artificial eye and places it into her mouth for peace. Inadvertently, someone is able to hit her, which results in the glass eye becoming stuck in her throat.

LJ is determined to seek help but does not get any attention. The eye that is stuck causes her to collapse on the floor, not breathing. After a short time, she ceases her struggle to breathe and passes away. Because her husband Oz and her ally Mrs. Headwood are with Layton, LJ gets forced to remain in Melanie’s train, but she dies shortly following Layton and his team’s detachment from Melanie and the rest of the group. The story of LJ’s life is tragically ended in the finale of the season.

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Will Annalise Basso Be in Snowpiercer Season 4?

Although neither TNT nor Annalise Basso has issued any statement on LJ’s alleged departure, the character’s death suggests that Basso is not likely to appear in the season of “Snowpiercer” 4. After Wilford, the departure of Oz, the character’s storyline and significance appears to be coming to an end with little room for LJ to be a part of the plot of the fourth season of the show. As the character isn’t expected to appear in the other characters’ visions or visions, the actress might not be back for the next episode of the series.

However, ‘ Snowpiercer is a series that always surprises us with its amazing new developments. Kevin’s return from his death during the 2nd season, as well as the return of Melanie from assumed death during the seasons third, remind us to take deaths from ‘Snowpiercer‘ using some salt. So, it shouldn’t come as surprising to witness Basso returning to the show shortly. But, considering the odds of LJ’s existence and the possibility that the finale of season 3 may be the actress’ final episode on the show.

For the past three seasons, Annalise’s performance as LJ has provided a variety of moments for those who admire the actress and her character to treasure. LJ’s wit and charm have been instrumental in developing the plot that the program has presented in a variety of instances and will certainly be missed when Basso announces her exit from the show.

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