Lucius Dead or Alive in Our Flag Means Death

Is Lucius Dead or Alive in Our Flag Means Death?

 Lucius (Nathan Foad) is one of the characters supporting in ‘ Our Flag Means Death. Lucius is a character who is a scribe on the Revenge, recording the mishaps of Captain Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and his crew. The character is introduced in the pilot’s episode. As with the other team members, he isn’t a fan of Stede’s authority. He is aware of how pirates are an enhanced version of a midlife crisis for Stede, their captain. But, they do are paid weekly and are safer to be in Stede’s team over any other Captain. Also, like other captains, Lucius doesn’t mind play-acting for Stede, but the question Is Lucius Dead or Alive in Our Flag Means Death?.

When Blackbeard first joins on the Revenge ship, things begin to change but not how one would think. The ruthless and fierce Blackbeard starts to transform within the company with Stede and the other members of the Revenge crew. As a result, Lucius becomes involved in the relationship of one of the team members Black Pete (Matthew Maher). In the finale of the series, Blackbeard is back to the Revenge and can throw Lucius from the vessel in an ocean in the middle. If you’re wondering if Lucius can survive the experience, We’ve got your back. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Is Lucius Dead or Alive?

Is Lucius Dead or Alive in Our Flag Means Death?

Lucius is among the few on the Revenge who had a decent education. His stories of Stede’s adventures are filled with exaggerations, probably based on his captain’s instructions. He is among the least eccentric people of the Revenge and is often the frustrated spectator of their behavior. As the series develops, friendships develop between the crew members, and Lucius is a crew member. Lucius also begins to admire Stede as he realizes that Stede truly cares about each person who works under his supervision despite his flaws.

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After the arrival of Blackbeard, Lucius is genuinely scared of the man. However, as Blackbeard starts to change, as does Lucius’s attitude towards Blackbeard. In episode 9, Stede and Blackbeard are captured by The Royal Navy. After Blackbeard comes back to Revenge and is devastated because Blackbeard believes that Stede has committed a crime against the Revenge. The crew attempts to encourage him by staging an entertainment show. Izzy Hands continues to goad him to bring the doomed pirate to his feet. Then he finally succeeds after making threats to Blackbeard.

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The beast within rises as Blackbeard can throw Lucius overboard. It is now clear that there is an extremely good chance there is good chance Lucius has died. Blackbeard is the sole person to know the circumstances appears to think that way. When Izzy quits the majority from the Revenge group to an isolated island, Pete is one of them. Pete questions Izzy about Lucius; however, Blackbeard’s deputy does not respond.

There is also the remote probability that Lucius is still alive. It is possible that he was rescued by an unidentified ship following the Revenge. If this has occurred and the story is told, the writers could create a subplot centered on Lucius and his potential rescuers. They could be the members of another pirate of that golden age pirates alongside Stede, Blackbeard, and Calico Jack.

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