Is Meteor Beam Good On Gigalith?

Have you done with evolving your Boldore into a Gigalith? Then you must also know that this newly evolved Pokemon also comes with a learned interesting Moveset called the Meteor Beam. but the question is, do you know if Meteor Beam is good on Gigalith or not in Pokemon Go? And that is what we are going to explain to you in detail today. 

In Pokemon Go, every Pokemon comes with its amazing sets of Moves which the players can use during the battle to beat the opponent. While some of these Movesets are so reliable that they assure your victory, the others are just of no use during a battle. That’s why it is important to know about a Moveset before deciding whether or not to use it. 

To be honest, Meteor Beam is not good on Gigalith, as you must be aware that the stats of a Gigalith are not sufficient enough in Pokemon Go to bring the best out of the Meteor Beam move. So, there is nothing wrong with Meteor Beam because it is undoubtedly the best Moveset that a rock-type Pokemon can ever have, however, the problem lies with the Gigalith. 

To understand this situation in a better way, you must keep reading and see how good is Meteor Beam on Gigalith. 

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Is Meteor Beam Good On Gigalith?

If we talk about a Gigalith in Pokemon Go, the Pokemon is not that reliable in the battles. So, it is necessary to know if its Moveset Meteor Beam will do anything good in the game or not. 

In terms of ranking, a Meteor Beam move is better than a Smack Down move. Just like Meeteor Mash and Frenzy Plant, this one is also an OP move. 

If any other Pokemon were equipped with the Meteor Beam move, they would definitely be able to do better than what Gigalith can with this Moveset. 

The Meteor Beam is most relevant on Pokemon like Mega Aerodactyl, and Rhyperior as well as Tyrantrum also do great, at least better than how a Gigalith handles the Meteor Beam. 

If Pokemon like Kabutops, Armaldo, and Omastar get a Moveset like Meteor Beam, it won’t be wrong to say that even these fossils will be able to come somewhere close to the level of Rampardos. 

As for a Meteor Beam, in PvE battles, this one is an overpowered move. Being a 1-bar charged move, 100 energy is required for Meteor Beam Moveset in PvE taking 1.9 seconds to produce 150 power. 

Now the thing is that 1-bar Movesets are not that effective in the Pokemon Go raids because it takes a lot of time for them to reach, giving the opponent enough time to prepare, hence, these moves are simply unreliable. 

Moreover, the use of energy in such moves is also insufficient and once you are at 100, you will no longer be gaining energy. 

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All these things fit for the Meteor Beam Moveset due to which it doesn’t work that well for Gigalith. However, the overpowered news of Meteor Beam in a Gigalith helps in mitigating them. Among all the 1-bar moves, a Meteor Beam is a move with the shortest duration after Luster Purge. Due to this reason, this move helps deal a great level of damage to the opponent. 

On calculating the Damage per second and Damage per energy of all the charged moves in Pokemon Go, it has been estimated that the Meteor Beam Moveset comes at the 4th position in terms of DPSxDPE, while the top three are Aeroblast++, Aeroblast+, and Flying Press respectively. 

There wouldn’t be anything wrong in saying that among all the existing Rock Type moves of a Gigalith, Meteor Beam is surely the best, even better than Rock Wrecker. 

Well, when we talk about Gigalith, having base stats of ATK 226, this is a mediocre Pokemon in the raids and comes at a much lower level as compared to the other Rock Type Pokemon. 

This is the reason that despite being one of the best Rock Type moves, Meteor Beam doesn’t go well along with a Gigalith. 

Wrap Up

So, you must have realized that a Meteor Beam is not the move that suits a Gigalith in Pokemon Go, rather, it would be much better to use the same move in the case of any other Rock Type Pokemon where you will at least be able to see an outcome as a result of using this Moveset. If you need to know about any other move of a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you can tell us in the comments. 

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