Is Minx Based on a True Story? Busted  

HBO Max’s brand new show Minx which tells the story of the making of a women’s feminist magazine that also includes centerfolds for men The show has plenty going for it: a fantastic ensemble cast, a funky So-Cal-style backdrop from the ’70s, as well as lots of nude and full-frontal sexiness. The show stars Oshelia Lovibond as well as Jake Johnson as unorthodox business and business partners.

The show follows the couple in their quest to create publication unlike any other that has been seen on the newsstands. However, is Minx ever an actual magazine or was the story of Minx is based on a real tale?

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What exactly is Minx all about?

Minx The show, which takes place in 1971, is a comedy starring Lovibond as Joyce as a feminist of the second wave that is influenced by the likes of Gloria Steinem (who gets a name-drop and is part of an imaginative sequence within the series) She is determined to make an honest serious feminist magazine. 

The only person to back her idea would be Doug Renetti (Johnson), the publisher of a profitable range of fetish magazines that cater towards males, who is able to see the potential for opening to a female-oriented audience. However, there is a caveat: Doug insists Joyce’s magazine must include a few male nudities to increase the readership. Joyce refuses, and later realises that if she is going to start her magazine off on the ground, she needs be willing to accept things like nudity , and ads that feature sexually explicit toys.

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Does Minx an adaptation of a real or true

Minx was created and written by Ellen Rapoport and executive produced by Paul Feig, and is not a real story in the sense that Joyce isn’t an individual character or event. Minx itself (initially known as the Matriarchy is Awakened when it was first aired before being given a more commercial name) did not exist. However, the 1970s saw the creation of several magazines aimed at women which combined a feminist viewpoint and erotica.

These included Playgirl as well as Viva. Rapoport stated to The Hollywood Reporter that the concept for the show was conceived by her after she had a look at the feminist aspect of these magazines. “I was reading something in one of these magazines , and I was struck by the fact that The 1970s magazines were feminist magazines, something I didn’t know about. The workplace was populated by feminists as well as po*nographers.”

Although Minx was not a magazine in the real sense but there are many aspects in the show taken from real life, such as the iconic Burt Reynolds centerfold in Cosmopolitan. The show does take some liberties regarding the timing of this, however because the story is set in the year 1971 and Reynolds did not appear within Cosmo up until April issue in 1972. While Doug Renetti isn’t an actual individual, there’s certainly some similarities in Doug and the publisher of magazines Bob Guccione, whose titles included Penthouse and Viva

Viva included not just naked males however, it also included stories written by writers like Anais Nin Joyce, who was one of Joyce’s favourite writers in the show. Viva‘s period did not last for long (the publication was shut down in the year 1980) however, Playgirl also had an extended run, releasing its final issue in 2016. Joyce is likely to be delighted to learn the existence of the Ms. magazine, which was co-created with Steinem and did not feature male centerfolds (and that seems to be more in line the original Joyce’s vision in “The Matriarchy is awakening) and is flourishing after its 1971 debut.

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Chris Eva
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