Is Monopoly Plus Cross-Platform? Full Information On Its CrossPlay Feature

Every online game must offer multiplayer and cross-platform functionality if they want to carve out a niche in the gaming world and in the hearts of the audience, especially strategy-based board games. Like, obviously, you want to use your strategy against another person. Right? But still, there are some board games in the market that offers multiplayer support but lacks the cross-platform feature. Today let’s find out this with a board game, Monopoly Plus. Is it a Cross-Platform or not?

On a sad note, we can say that Monopoly Plus is not a Cross-Platform board game. It means you can play this game with your friends but only on the same device. By using different devices or consoles, you are not able to join your friend in this game.

Because of the demand for these games, a lot of portion of the gaming world is now filled with board games. So, it is the responsibility of the developers to give the privilege of all important features to the board game players that include multiplayer, cross-platform, spilt-screen, and more. But not in the case of Monopoly Plus right now. 

Still, a lot of gamers want to know whether will Monopoly Plus be cross-platform in the upcoming time or not. Let’s cover everything about its cross-platform feature in this article.

About Monopoly Plus

For those who are not aware of what exactly the Monoplus Plus is, here is a small introduction to this game. 

Monopoly plus is a board game you can play via online mode of gaming. It is basically a strategy-based board game. In this game, players must purchase beneficial resources that will earn money over time and be converted into properties like hotels or residences. You can also bet with other players’ money, which is exciting and adds a whole new level to gaming. You can end up in prison, travel across nations, earn and lose money, and more.

The platforms in which Monopoly Plus is available are:

  •  Nintendo Switch
  •  Xbox One
  •  PlayStation 4
  •  PC  
  • Google Stadia.

Is Monopoly Plus Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, Monopoly plus doesn’t have a cross-platform feature which means other device players can’t join the game. Thus, the game can only be played on the same device.

If you want to play this game with your friends, make sure your friend has the same device as yours or you will be unable to play this game with your friends.

Monopoly is a multiplayer game, and the occasion to play it with others adds to its interest. However, The game does not support Cross-Platform play, you will be limited to playing this game with friends that use the same gaming platform.

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Is Monopoly Plus Cross-Platform Xbox One and PS4?

Monopoly plus does not support cross-play between Xbox One and PS4 so far. If you are playing monopoly plus on PS4 and your friend is playing on Xbox one. You would not be able to connect to play games together.

Is Monopoly Plus a Cross-Platform Xbox And PC?

If you and your friends have Xbox One and PC each, then you must not be happy to hear that the Monopoly Plus does not support crossplay between Xbox One and PC. So, you both cannot join each other in this game.

Is Monopoly Plus Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Monopoly Plus does not support cross-play between PS4 and PS5. which means that players having PS4 and PS5 are unable to play together. They need to use the same gaming platform.

Is Monopoly Plus Cross Platform Nintendo Switch and Xbox One?

It’s a no for this one too, Monopoly Plus cannot be played together on Nintendo switch and Xbox one at once. The possible outcome for players who want to play together is to shift to the same platform as others.

Is Monopoly Plus Cross-Platform PC And Nintendo Switch?

As you all know, the PC is the most powerful gaming platform. But players who play Monopoly Plus on PC are not Supported to Cross-Play with Nintendo Switch. It requires the same venue to play Monopoly Plus together.

Drawbacks Of Not Allowing The Game’s Cross-Platform Option

  • It reduces the number of people who may play with you. The players who do not have the same operating system are unable to play monopoly plus with you.
  • Another factor worth considering is the impact on developers. Those who have to spend their efforts on setting up a new platform instead of making a better version of Monopoly Plus.
  • It also reduces sales across all channels owing resulting in an overall loss of revenue for developers.

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As per exploration, It seems like Monopoly Plus Is not a Cross-Platform Game so far. The Gamers who want to play Monopoly Plus must switch to the same platform. As the above article shows, the developers do not want Monopoly Plus to be a Cross-Platform for now. 

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