Is Naraka Crossplay?

Is Naraka Crossplay?

Naraka: Bladepoint is an action-adventure, battle royale game created through 24 Entertainment and published by NetEase Games Montreal. It’s an online battle royale game in which 60 to 60 players compete against each other to become the last remaining.

Naraka Crossplay

Naraka isn’t cross-playable and does not have cross-platform multiplayer either. It is limited to the specific platform the players play on. It doesn’t have cross-generation multiplayer or cross-progression functions either.

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Is Bladepoint a naraka bot?

The game gives a captivating experience to players due to its mechanics and graphics. A majority of players are dissatisfied with the bots included in NARAKA: BLADEPOINTsince it’s a paid game. Bots in PUBG or any other free game would make perfect sense and would be a good choice for the majority of players.

Is naraka Bladepoint popular?

It seems that players are eager to invest in the game’s experience. As per SteamDB, Naraka: Bladepoint was averaging 70,731 concurrent gamers in the initial 24 hours following its launch, making it the 10th most popular game on Steam on the day it was launched.

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Is Naraka going to be on Xbox?

At the moment, Naraka: Bladepoint is available for PC by way of Steam along with on the Epic Games Store. On different platforms, we’ve received confirmation from IGN that the PS5 release will be “coming soon”, though it will be available on other consoles shortly.

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