Is Outriders Demo Crossplay? How to Play

Gamers are now looking for friends to join them in the Outriders challenge. Some players want crossplay as Outriders is now available on multiple platforms.

Players will be able to create a variety of teams by focusing on Outriders’ different classes. Outriders is a three-person game that is built around fireteams. This means that it is important to connect with your friends in order to enjoy both the demo and the upcoming game. 

The demo is available on almost every modern platform. This might make it easier to reach out to other players with different hardware. Crossplay is possible, but it is difficult to turn it on.

How to Turn On Crossplay in Outriders Demo

Crossplay is an option in the Outriders demo but it is not enabled by default. Anyone who wants to play with their friends on another platform will need to change their settings.

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To access the Gameplay settings menu, players must first press the left d-pad button in the character menu. You can change privacy settings and language in this menu. This menu will allow players to adjust their subtitles and helmet settings.

The bottom of the screen will have an “Enable Crossplay” button. This can be toggled on and off. It must be turned on for each friend who will be joining the party. After that button is activated, you will find a “Play with Friends” button in the Lobby.

One friend must generate a code using the “Generate Your Game Code” button to join the group. All other friends will need that code. You can enter the friend code in the “Join A Game Using Code” field.

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Although the process can be a bit cumbersome, crossplay is great for this long-awaited demo. Players now need to decide which Outriders Class they want.

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