Is Radical Heights Crossplay?

Is Radical Heights Crossplay?

Radical Heights is a no-cost early Access Shooter BATTLE ROYALE. Engage in intense gunplay as you scavenge for weapons, gadgets, cosmetics, and cash. Be able to survive until the end or take a risk in this action show where everyone is eager to be famous and wealthy.

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Radical Heights Crossplay

The game servers were shut in 2018 and The game may be available on PC in the future. Some players couldn’t take this unfortunate conclusion for the game, so they have decided to make an unofficial Radical Heights remake. This is clear evidence that Radical Heights has no longer a crossplay.

Is RADICAL HEIGHTS still playable?

Although the game’s servers were shut down in the year 2018 The game could be available on PC someday. Some players couldn’t take this unfortunate conclusion for the game and are working on the possibility of a Radical Heights unofficial remake. Radical Heights was released in April 2018 as a Steam Early Access title.

Why did RADICAL HEIGHTS close?

Radical Heights was written off as a failed attempt to profit from the popularity of Fortnite and PUBG. The irony is that the Bleszinski team was the designer for Fortnite in the beginning of the game’s development.

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Who bought radical heights?

Radical Heights trademark acquired by Justin Roiland’s VR studio Squanch Games. Rick Morty and Rick Morty, co-creator of the game, quietly purchased the trademark of the Battle Royale game in the year 2018.

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