Is rust crossplay? Latest update on Rust Crossplay

Rust is accessible on Microsoft Windows and macOS. At the time of writing this article the multiplayer-only survival video game is available only on these platforms.

In Rust In Rust, you’re the survivor of an undetermined Apocalypse. You must find resources to build a refuge for security from the elements and enemies. Your base could be attacked at any time throughout the gameplay.

Rust Crossplay and Cross-Platform Multiplayer

It is not currently possible; it is presently impossible for PC users to participate in Rust alongside their console counterparts; however, there is a Rust crossover between Xbox and Playstation consoles. With millions of gamers playing Rust-through Steam, making and releasing games for consoles was a safe possibility for the team at Double Eleven and Facepunch Studios.

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It made sense to enter the endeavor to make cross-platform play among Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of their cult game feasible, since this could make each server more filled with players as opposed to if crossplay wasn’t available.

Rust cross-platform multiplayer PS4 and Xbox One

The problem is that Rust Console Edition does not support cross-platform gameplay or crossplay features with the game’s PC version.

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The possibility of playing with your friends on PS4 and Xbox One is mentioned in an Polygon article that states that an official from Double Eleven representative confirmed the feature.

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