Is Sairento Vr Crossplay?

Sairento VR is a first-person shooter and free combat VR video game created with Singapore’s Mixed Realms and Swag Soft and launched on Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift platforms on February 6, 2018.

Sairento Vr Crossplay

Unfortunately , the Steam version cannot crossplay alongside Quest. Quest version, however , the Steam version is compatible alongside its Oculus Rift Rift model. In addition, Sairento also does not allow cross-buying with Rift.

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What is the shooting VR game that JoshDub plays?

Sairento was the name of the game that was featured by YouTubers like Node, Nathie and Joshua and websites such as RoadtoVR, UploadVR and Mogura VR. Sairento VR was showcased in Pax East 2017 in Boston by the Hardlight VR haptic suit manufacturer as their game of the year and was extremely well-liked by attendees.

Is Sairento VR completely free?

Mixed Realms is bringing its thrilling cyber ninja simulator Sairento VR (2018) to Rift gamers on a free weekend that includes an online campaign mode and multiplayer with up to four players in PvP and PvE mode.

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Is Sairento available on PSVR?

Sairento VR is one of the most popular games on PSVR. It is a game that never stops and has thrilling Acrobatic controls. It is an adrenaline rush of pure action right to the core. There’s nothing like the Sairento VR PSVR or any other system in general.

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