Is Shatterline On Console?

Just get ready to play the new free-to-play game Shatterline that will debut in February 2023. Well!! In my opinion, this is the ideal game for you to play if you want to experience an online FPS, Co-Op, and PvP mode all in one title.

But before its release, its early access has been released on PC platforms only. Due to this, console players now have come into a lot of dilemmas by wondering, “Is Shatterline on console”? Let’s solve this query.

A straightforward answer to this question is “NO”. Shatterline is not available on any console platform (PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch). 

Well!! Being an FPS and PVP mode, it will be a lot of fun to play this game, particularly on a console. But, we feel sorry to say that it won’t take place. Let it be!! Let’s find out some more interesting facts about Shatterline and about its arrival on the console.

Is Shatterline On Consoles? 

Shatterline is presently only accessible on PC and trusts me it works well on PC. The game has recently reached early access and will keep expanding its player community online via PC servers. The game was unable to receive early access on PlayStation, Xbox, or the Nintendo Switch because there is so much going on right now.

Even while it may someday be released on consoles, you can only play it right now on PC with GeForce Now or Steam. It might eventually come to consoles, but as of now, it is not currently confirmed.

Well!! Early access to this game is currently rocking on PC. Players are very much impressed by its gameplay on PC. But as it is a free-to-play game, so many players want to shift from PC to consoles. But it is not available on consoles as you already know.

Currently, the Ukrainian developer anticipates that the Shatterline on PS5 will be available on February 2023. What about Xbox? The developers have recently notified us that an Xbox release date has not yet been announced; as they are working on it.

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What Is Being Offered In Early Access Shatterline?

  • 8 operatives
  • Co-Op mode (Expedition)
  • 3 types of PvP modes: Team Deathmatch, Conquest, and Escort
  • Regularly occurring special events include modified game modes and experimental maps
  • 25 weapons that are modified and have different branches
  • Narrative-driven Co-op episodes
  • Five maps for multiplayer
  • Season Pass with a free and a premium pass

What Will Be Add On Shatterline Full Release

The release of Shatterline on February 9, 2023, includes several new modes.

  • Competitive Mode
  • UI Polishing
  • Balancing of maps, modes, weapons, and operative abilities
  • You can sell cosmetics from the store

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That’s all the information about whether Shatterline will be released on consoles. In the future, it might be released on consoles. However, PC users currently hold the only rights to play this game. Wait for more future updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a controller to play Shatterline?

Some of the well-liked controllers, such as DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers, are allegedly not designed for Shatterline. However, users using PS5 controllers reported that they function flawlessly.

How many GB is Shatterline?

You need 20 GB of space in your device to download shatterline.

Is Shatterline free-to-play?

Shatterline is a sci-fi-themed, frantic online FPS game for PC (Windows) via Steam and PlayStation developed by Ukrainian firm Frag LLC. Yes, It is free to play.

Is Shatterline Crossplay?

Yes, the developers of the Shatterline confirmed that it is Crossplay.

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