Is Smash Legends Crossplay?

Is Smash Legends Crossplay?

Smash Legends is an exciting PVP action game in which the fairytale Legends take on a lively fight. Play as a single player or join 3v3 battles with your buddies! Join now to play with Smashers from across the globe across Steam, iOS, and Android!

Smash Legends Crossplay

Smash Legends is a PVP action-packed brawler that takes place inside Library World. Join now with Smashers from around the globe on Steam, iOS, and Android. It will offer cross-play between PC and mobile devices, making it more straightforward than ever.

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Is Smash Legends a good game?

Smash Legends is a game that combines multiplayer fun with fast-paced action and stunning graphics to create something just a bit unique. It is an excellent fit for mobile-sized gaming sessions and will likely consume hours of your time if you allow it. We think you’ll probably do.

Is Smash Legends available on PC?

Smash Legends: The Smashing PVP Game Comes to PC. 3 minutes, or about 180 seconds, sounds like a brief amount of time to play games like puzzles, RPGs, game of adventure, and other games on your shelves. It’s possible that you don’t notice the amount of time played in other games, however, this brand new PVP game will alter all that.

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How do you get skill in smash legends?

You can also increase your Legends abilities by accumulating Puzzle Pieces. These pieces (as well as the other rewards) can be acquired through Metal Road, Legend Road, and opening Reward Boxes by using Keys gained from winning matches.

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