Is Something’s Gotta Give Based on a True Story?

Something's Gotta Give

The Nancy Meyers directorial ‘Something’s Gotta Give” is a romantic comedy film that revolves around an elderly male in the 60s called Harry ( Jack Nicholson) who lives the life of a playboy since he is attracted to younger women, some less than half the age of his. The film begins by describing extravagant social life of Harry within and around New York. The story takes a new turn when his partner Marin (Amanda Peet) and Harry decide to spend the weekend at her family’s beach house to spend the weekend.

But Marin’s mom, Erica (Diane Keaton), is the one who decides to arrive at the beach house since she has plans to stay in over the next weekend. If this encounter was not enough, Harry has a heart attack while kissing his partner in the same home. After a consultation with a neurologist named Julian ( Keanu Reeves), Harry is homebound and under his care by Erica. When they spend moments together, Harry begins to fall in love with Erica even though Julian is pursuing her in the same way. A complicated love triangle begins to take form, and it’s the way to end heartbreaks.

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The themes of the relationship triangle, heartbreak, and leaving one’s way to help a loved one are all present throughout the story. These aren’t exactly absurd since people do be through these things in their lives, too. This is why some viewers may wonder if ‘Something’s to Give the story is based on an actual story or it’s not. The good news is that we have the answers you need to answer your questions!

Is Something’s Gotta Give Based on a True Story?

The truth is that “Something’s must Give film does not have a basis in a real story. The director Nancy Meyers’ creative ability to come up with a compelling original script is the reason why the plot of the film was created. Even though her films, like “It’s Complicated,” are based on the same theme and genre, she can make each of the original heartwarming and watchable again and again, which is the case with The 2003 release.

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In a chat with Nancy Meyers and her daughter, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, at an event hosted through The Writer’s Guild of America West and Women in Entertainment, the former shared some secrets to her success as a filmmaker. She explained that the primary thing she takes care of before beginning a project is creating an exhaustive outline. These outline sketches form a major element in her process of writing. They are extremely detailed since they contain everything from jokes and dialogues to scene descriptions and the staging, together with the time, pace, break between acts, and the story’s structure.

Another secret method from Nancy is to incorporate as many humor-filled elements into the script as possible. While her movies tend to have a sense of humor, she acknowledged that she has cried in writing moments because she believes in remaining in touch with the story of the characters’ emotional journey. It’s true; Nancy recalled that the initial draft of “Something’s to Give was approximately 250 pages. After reading the text, she broke down into tears and wanted to throw the entire script away. However, she chose to put it aside and came back with the help of a red pen instead of removing it.

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While Nancy typically composes her scripts from an idea, it could be safe to say that her life and the realities are a major factor in aiding her. Much like the film starring Jack Nicholson, The truth is too far from the themes of a love triangle and the awe-inspiring love depicted in the film. The film focuses on the humorous aspect of love, but simultaneously, the brutal reality and the closure it brings frequently. Even though “Something’s Gotta Give‘ might not be based on an actual story, it certainly has some hints of reality throughout the plot.

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