Is Space Engineers Crossplay?

Is Space Engineers Crossplay?

Space Engineers is a voxel-based Sandbox game released and developed by Czech independent developer Keen Software House. In 2013, the first beta version of the game entered the Steam early access programme. In the years following creation, Space Engineers sold over one million units.

Space Engineers Crossplay

Servers dedicated to the game can allow EOS networking as well as console compatibility. Space Engineers playing on either PC(Steam) or Xbox will be able to access EOS servers. The EOS servers are brand new. EOS servers are available on the menu for multiplayer of both PC as well as Xbox.

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How to activate crossplay in your gameserver


Each Xbox Space Engineers server has the crossplay option activated by default.


To enable the crossplay feature on an Steam Space Engineers server you have to adhere to these guidelines:

  • Navigate to your Nitrado web interface.
  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Select your Cross play option from the Base settings.
  • Change the name of your planet (choose an appropriate name that doesn’t already exist, or remove the world and LastSession.sbl in “Saves/”)
  • You must select an appropriate crossplay scenario
  • Save the settings.
  • Click “restart” or “start” in the event that you shut down the server prior to.

Is Space Engineers free to play?

Space Engineers leaves Early Access and is now free to enjoy for three more days. It also has a price reduction down to $15.99 ($5 discounted) on Steam. Space Engineers, a sci-fi open-world sandbox game has been available in Steam Early Access for over five years.

Is Space Engineers worth playing?

Space Engineers is, quite simply, a game designed for playing with your players. You can build and do whatever you like in the solo mode however in terms of its linear settings it’s just not as enjoyable. The fact that you’re playing in such an expansive open-world sci-fi sandbox will tell you that you should not be playing it by yourself.

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How do you join someone in Space Engineers?

Utilize the shift + tab button to open the steam overlay. Once there, it will display your friends. Please make use of the drop-down menu to invite them to join your steam group.

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