Baby in Winning Time

Is the Baby in Winning Time Kobe Bryant?

‘ Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” is an entertaining and glamorous look at the Los Angeles Lakers as they create their famous “Showtime” period of supremacy in the game in the 1980s. The series highlights key moments that are part of that period in the LA Lakers’ history and is focused on prominent players like Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, among other players. The name is associated with basketball fans and Los Angeles Lakers supporters; generally speaking, the name is Kobe Bryant.

With Bryant’s significance to the LA Lakers’ history and his stature as a basketball player, It is only normal for viewers to ask whether the former star athlete appears in the show “Winning Time. The fifth episode in the series briefly references Bryant by introducing a baby. If you’re wondering if the baby really is, Kobe Bryant, here is all you need to know! Warning!

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Is the Baby in Winning Time Kobe Bryant?

Born on the 23rd of August 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kobe Bryant was a professional basketball player who was famous for his stint with his team, the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. Joe Bryant was his father. Joe Bryant also was a player in the NBA and was a key player playing for the Philadelphia 76ers and San Diego Clippers. After a meteoric rise in the world of basketball in high school, Kobe Bryant entered the 1996 NBA Draft. He was selected for The LA Lakers and signed his first professional contract at 17.

After making the transition to life in the NBA, Bryant quickly became an integral part of his LA Lakers team during the mid-90s. In the years 1999-2002, Bryant took home the NBA Championship three times in succession as a player for LA Lakers. LA Lakers. Bryant added two more NBA Championships to his name in the following years.

He is the most prolific point scorer in LA Lakers’ history and has 18 NBA All-Star designations. As Bryant’s most active career was in the 1990s and the 2000s, it’s normal that he does not appear in the film ‘Winning Time,’ which is concerned with The LA Lakers’ history, but it is set in the 1980s.

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The show’s creators came up with a clever method to get a brief appearance by one of their players during the 5th episode of the show. In the episode, it is revealed that the LA Lakers are playing their first game of the 1979-80 season versus The San Diego Clippers. Bryant’s father played for the Clippers and was a player in the game.

The Lakers were victorious in the final few seconds. But, before the moment that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar lands his famous Skyhook to take the win, the teams take a timeout, where fans get the chance to see a glimpse of newborn Kobe Bryant. In actuality, Kobe was a little over one year old when he made his appearance. There is, however, no documentary evidence that he was present at the game.

The TV show is based on the book by Jeff Pearlman’s Showtime and does not mention Kobe appearing in the season’s opening episode in 1979. It is, therefore, probable that the scene is fictional. But, it’s not the only mention of Kobe Bryant in the fifth episode since viewers are shown only a few images of the real Bryant as Spencer Haywood explains his lawsuit against the NBA.

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On the 26th of January, 2020, Kobe Bryant passed away at 41 years old in a fatal helicopter crash. In light of his outstanding contribution to the LA Lakers, the show’s creators probably selected this route to honor one of the best basketball players ever.

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