Is The Blind Side based on a True Story or Fiction?

The Blind Side

John Lee Hancock directed ‘The Blind Slide,’ a 2009 family sports drama film. The story is set in Tennessee and centers on Michael “Big Mike,” an African American youth who struggles with extreme poverty.

His father is absent from his life because his mother has serious addiction issues. Although he has been to several foster homes, he continues to run away from his mother and return to her. Tony Hamilton, his father, is a friend of his and helps him get into Wingate Christian School. However, he struggles academically, which leads the teachers to think he is not the best student for the school.

Michael is expelled from his friends’ house and begins to live in the school gym. He returns to the gym one night and can attract the attention of Leigh Anne Tuohy ( Sandra Bullock ) and her family. The rest of his life changes. Michael is welcomed into the Tuohys’ home by his family.

They help him reach his full potential and strengthen their family unity. Michael achieves great success. He plays football and goes to college. Then he is drafted into the National Football League. This is the story to tell if you are wondering if the film is based on actual events.

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Is The Blind Side a True Story or a Fiction?

Yes, “The Blind Side” is based upon a true story. Hancock wrote the script for the film, which was then adapted from a non-fiction book, ‘The Blind Side. Evolution of a Game’, by Michael Lewis. Leigh Anne, Sean McGraw, Sean’s husband, and their biological children Sean (“S.J.”) Tuohy Jr. (Jae Head), Collins (Lily Collins), are all real people. The film made some mistakes during the adaptation, which led to some criticism from Oher.

Bullock initially resisted the role of Leigh Anne in the film, believing she would not be able to portray her as a devout Christian. After meeting Mrs. Tuohy, her opinion changed. She even accepted a pay cut in exchange for a portion of the profits. The film ‘The Blind Side’ was a huge success, making $309.2million at the box offices against its $29 million budget. Bullock won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

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The term “blindside” is used in American and Canadian football to describe the area that a player (generally the quarterback) cannot see. This is called tackle. In both film and real life, Michael Oher is an offensive tackle. His primary job is to protect the quarterback and anyone else who has the ball. Lewis’s original book does not focus on Oher. Lawrence Taylor, a linebacker, is also the subject of Lewis’ original book.

Taylor isn’t in the film, but he is mentioned several times. While some parts of “The Blind Side” are true, others are fiction. The real Michael Oher’s biological mother used to be Leah Anne, and Sean adopted Michael, as the film shows. Collins, their daughter, was the first to tell them about Michael.

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According to reports, Sean and not Leah Anne first reached out to Michael. To help Michael with his grades, the Tuohys hired Miss Sue (Kathy Bates), a private tutor. Correctly, the film shows that Michael went to Ole Miss or the University of Mississippi, Leah Anne’s alma mater. Baltimore Ravens later drafted him in round one of the 2009 NFL Draft. The NCAA investigation shown in the film was also real.

The Tuohys, a wealthy white family, are affluent. The film has been criticized for spreading the ” white saver” narrative. He also criticized the movie’s portrayal of Michael’s intelligence and implied that he knew little about football before moving in with the Tuohys. In his 2011 autobiography, ‘I Beat The Odds: From Homelessness to The Blind Side, and Beyond,’ he shared his side of the story.

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