Is the Holdfast: Nations At War Crossplay?

Is the Holdfast: Nations At War Crossplay?

Holdfast: Nations At War is an online multiplayer first-person and third-person shooter that focuses on the combination teamwork, and personal skills. Experience the epic battles both on the sea and land that are waged by the most powerful nations that have fought across time. Battle with more than 150 players on each server.

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Holdfast: Nations at War Crossplay

It doesn’t matter if you and your buddies play with the PlayStation or Xbox console. Everyone can play and play with each other. In the end the game, Holdfast: Nations At War supports crossplay.

Is Holdfast nations at war free?

The Napoleonic-era shooter Holdfast: Nations at War has an official DLC conversion that changes its period of play in the First World War. It is the Holdfast: Frontlines DLC is a free and authentic WW1-era total conversion of this multiplayer game.

Do Holdfast nations at war have voice chat?

The voice chat roleplayers of Holdfast may be the top factor to consider playing the game. It is available on Holdfast: Nations at War on Steam, available for sale at $20.

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How do I turn off voice chat on holdfast?

The audio/mute menu can be accessed by pressing P during the game. The default push-to-talk key is Y. You can modify it or check it out in the settings under the Keys tab. I’m not sure what it’s known as. It’s easy to tell if it’s working in-game by observing the small speaker icon above your health bar when you press down on the key.

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