The Outlaws

Is The Outlaws on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Elgin James and Stephen Merchant created the show. The Outlaws, created by Stephen Merchant and Elgin J. James, is a British Dark comedy police drama series. It is set in Bristol. The show is about seven people who have to cooperate as part of their Community Payback sentence. While they are working on their own, they stumble upon an empty bag that, while at first is a great feeling, they are confronted by the dangers of a group of people who want cash and the bag.

It is an absolute favorite of many due to its outstanding script, well-timed punches, and intriguing characters. A cast consisting of Christopher Walken, Rhianne Barreto, Darren Boyd, Gamba Cole, and many others makes the show enjoyable with their outstanding performances. We’re sure you’re keen to find out how the team of seven performs against their foes. Here is everything you should be aware of before you watch this series!

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What is The Outlaws About?

Because of the community Payback sentence, seven people have to come together and complete their work. This group of people is about as bizarre as they come, except an Oxford aspirant with Kleptomania, an unsuccessful lawyer and activist as well as an influencer young man who takes care of his younger sister as well as a failed businessman as well as an American father who lives with his daughters family. Surprisingly, there is nothing to tie them all together, and the group seems happy to rant at one another.

If they come across a purse full of cash, it is a joy for everyone to put their differences aside to make use of the cash to address their problems. But they’re just one of the people interested in the cash. Seven of them find themselves involved in the activities of criminals that are also looking for the whereabouts of banknotes. Thus, the group comes together and attempts to thwart the criminal gang. The show is fun watching with its hilarious situations and hilarious humor. This is the best way to enjoy it!

Are The Outlaws on Netflix?

The Outlaws The Outlaws series isn’t available on the streaming service Netflix. But, the online company offers similar shows such as ‘ The Woman in the House across the street and The Girl who is in the Window, as well as ‘ Dead to Me. These are both dark comedies that feature the criminal justice system.

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Are The Outlaws on Hulu?

If you’re looking to see ‘The Outlaws,’ Hulu is not the best choice. If you’ve found that the British show has captured your interest, you may enjoy the show ‘Mr. In Between or Weeds. Both mix elements of the criminal genre with humor, similar to the Christopher Walken-starring series.

Are The Outlaws on Amazon Prime?

Yes, the show ‘The Outlaws is now available through Amazon Prime, and subscribers of the service can enjoy this directly right here!

Are The Outlaws on HBO Max?

Although HBO Max does not have “The Outlaws,” its vast offerings more than compensate for it, there are various dark comedy series with crime as their main focus. We recommend ‘ Barry‘ and ‘ Landscapers.’

Where to Watch The Outlaws Online?

The only option for American viewers to stream the show is via Amazon Prime Video. Therefore, sign up if you aren’t yet! If you live living in the UK and love watching crime-comedy, you can choose to stream it online via BBC iPlayer.

How to Stream The Outlaws for Free?

You’ll be glad to learn you can avail yourself of Amazon Prime offers a 30-day trial for free to first-time subscribers. This means that you can avail this opportunity to stream “The Outlaws” at no cost. However, we advise our readers not to use any illegal channels to download or stream shows and rather pay for the subscriptions.

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