Is the Serpent Dead in Raised by Wolves?

Is the Serpent Dead in Raised by Wolves?

About Serpent

The surface of Kepler-22b filled with the remains of huge snake-like creatures. Their origins are still unknown.

A living snake-like creature was created by Mother after she gave birth in mysterious circumstances.

At the time of the birth of it, it displayed flying abilities and developed in just a few hours after feeding its Mother.

This creature is believed to be connected in some way to fossilized serpents whose remains can be found in other places on earth However, the specific nature of their relationship is not known.

Serpent Death in Raised by Wolves – Is it True?

Yes there is a reason why it is true that the Serpent dies in season 2. The Serpent is constantly shedding its skin and grows. Its smooth skin initially develops itchy.

Despite its massive size It is discovered to be very clever. In addition, Mother discovers that it’s herbivore. She believed she’d been pregnant due to her interactions with the person who reprogrammed the woman, Campion Sturges in the game, but she later discovers that this was the inscrutable entity that’s the source for the Voice or Signal.

Yet, she has the connection to the Serpent and is able to share it with the Collective.

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