Is ‘The Thing About Pam’ Based on a True Story? NBC Series Explained  

The Things About Pamfollows an investigation into a murder that is so shocking it appears absurd.

The new drama from NBC stars Renee Zellweger in Pamela (Pam) Hupp, the woman who is the focus of a case, as the main witness.

What are the show’s origins, and do you believe it is a true story? This is where CT examines all you must know.

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Is The thing about Pam Based on a True Story?

“The Thing About Pam” show is an authentic tale, as it follows the murder of Betsy Faria (played by Katy Mixon), who was killed by stabs 55 times at the home she shared with her husband in Troy, Missouri, on December 27th.

Just a few days before her demise, Betsy, who had terminal cancer, changed the beneficiary of her Life insurance policy to her husband instead of Pam.

The husband of Betsy Russ (played in the role of Glenn Fleshler) found his wife at home after playing with his friends. When he discovered her, Russ called 911, where he stated that he believed she was dead herself.

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The call was the primary evidence to convict Russ in the trial when police and the former Lincoln County Prosecutor Leah Askey (Judy Greer) claimed that Russ had murdered his wife in an incident committed by domestic violence.

Their argument was backed up by the testimony of Pam, who was the only person to witness Betsy alive. She accused Russ of being abusive to his wife. A second witness testified that Pam had shared how Russ was once threatened to beat her up with pillows.

Pam’s assertions led her to be the main witness in the trial even though the evidence was not toward Russ as the murderer. He provided an alibi with time-stamped proof of the visit to Arby’s restaurant when the killing and the police did not find any evidence of blood on him.

But, the police and Prosecutor Leah did not want to dismiss Russ for being a possible suspect, and he was later charged with her murder in 2012. In November of 2013, he had been found innocent by the jury and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Russ’s conviction was overturned in November of 2015.

Pam was also accused of the murder in August of Louis Gumpenberger, for which she signed her Alford guilty plea in July of 2019 to stay out of an execution trial.

Her decision to sign an Alford plea was a sign that she acknowledged the prosecutors had enough information to prove she was guilty of the crime but without admitting guilt.

In her conviction, the Betsy Faria case was re-opened, and in July 2021, Pam was found guilty of first-degree murder. The investigation is ongoing. Pam continues to deny involvement in the murder of 2011.

On Tuesday, the Thing about Pam premieres on NBC at 10 p.m. (EST) on March 8th.

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