Is Togedemaru Good In Pokemon Go?

Togedemaru is a Pokemon that has attracted a lot of players both with its cute appearance and typing combination. But, we cannot just assume its worth on these factors alone and decide if Togedemaru is good in Pokemon Go or not, right? 

Every Pokemon has some strengths and weaknesses, while some of them have more strengths than weaker points and these are the Pokemon that we need to get more of in Pokemon Go. For this, it is necessary to learn all the important information regarding a Pokemon in the game. 

We believe that Togedemaru is one of the best choices of Pokemon that you can easily get for yourself. The stats of this Pokemon are quite balanced, making it able to stand against most of the opponents, and it also has a good range of Movesets, so, we definitely suggest you have this Pokemon for yourself. 

However, this might not be all you needed to know to decide if you want this Pokemon or not. So, you can keep reading to know better about Togedemaru so that you make no mistake in making your team of Pokemon in the game. 

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Is Togedemaru Good In Pokemon Go?

If you want to finalize your decision of obtaining a Togedemaru in Pokemon Go, it is very important to properly look into it first. This way, you will be able to understand if this Pokemon is worth being on your team or not. 

Starting from the type, a Togedemaru is a Dual Type Pokemon that comes under both the category of Steel Type and Electric Type in the game, which is quite a good combination. 

Here is a list of Pokemon that a Togedemaru is resistant towards. 

1. Bug Type – 62.5% Damage

2. Grass Type – 62.5% Damage

3. Normal Type – 62.5% Damage

4. Psychic Type – 62.5% Damage

5. Dragon Type – 62.5% Damage

6. Electric Type – 62.5% Damage

7. Rock Type – 62.5% Damage

8. Fairy Type – 62.5% Damage

9. Ice Type – 62.5% Damage

10. Steel Type – 39.1% Damage

11. Poison Type – 39.1% Damage

12. Flying Type – 39.1% Damage

As for the vulnerable side of this Pokemon, there are only three kinds of attacks that can inflict a great deal of damage on a Togedemaru. 

1. Ground Type – 256% Damage

2. Fire Type – 160% Damage

3. Fight Type – 160% Damage

Offensive Movesets Of Togedemaru

1. The Spark offensive move of a Togedemaru is really good, however, if we compare it with a similar move Thunder Shock, the latter one is much better. 

2. If you want to pair a move with your Electric Type move, Wild Charge will be the best choice which has a great impact on STAB. 

3. Although Gyro Ball comes with STAB, it is still not that good of a move and we don’t have a good Steel Type move for Togedemaru as well. 

4. If you want a good offensive move for PvP, Fell Stinger will do good in that case. 

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Defensive Movesets Of Togedemaru

1. Coming to the defensive Movesets, Thunder Shock works great, but Spark, a similar move is much better than it. 

2. You can use the Fell Stinger move frequently to maintain your defense, so give this Moveset as much chance to use as possible. 

3. If the attacker doesn’t manage to dodge, you will be able to inflict a great amount of damage with the Wild Charge, however, this is not so effective against the Ground Type Pokemon. 

4. We don’t suggest you use the Gyro Ball Moveset as its impact is not that good in defensive terms. 

Is Togedemaru Worth It In Pokemon Go?

From our perspective, we believe that you should definitely have a Togedemaru on your side because it has strong resistance to most of the attack Types in the game which will give you an upper hand in a lot of battles helping you advance further in the game. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you will surely be ready to get a Togedemaru for yourself after learning about all the capabilities this Pokemon has. If there is any other Pokemon on your mind that you are not sure if you should catch or not, you can share it with us in the comments and we will soon come up with detailed information regarding the same to make things much easier for you.

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