Is Your Boyfriend is Mine a True Story & Where it is Filmed?

Your Boyfriend is Mine

Written and produced by Stacia Crawford The film, ‘Your Boyfriend Is Mine,’ was directed by Stacia Stacia Crawford directs it, ‘Your Boyfriend is Mine’ is a thriller that airs on Lifetime. The story is about Ben, who is offered the housekeeper position in residence for Amanda, a well-off businesswoman. His girlfriend, however, is not happy with his choice as she believes that Amanda’s intentions are suspect. The doubts she has been confirmed when Amanda starts making sly threats to Ben. The couple’s lives are put at risk when Amanda’s schemes become dangerous.

With a backdrop of a lavish home, the images of ‘Your Boyfriend Is Mine’ provides the perfect atmosphere for the gripping and intense story, which can feel real at times. If you’re curious to learn more about this mind-bending film and look for all the information you require. Let’s get started!

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Your Boyfriend is Mine Locations

“Your Boyfriend is Mine” was shot in Georgia, specifically in Atlanta. The tentative title was “Deadly Proposal. The principal photography started on July 31st, 2021, and finished by the end of the 3rd week in August of 2021. Georgia, also known as the “Peach State,” is a well-known location for filming due to its mild climate, substantial tax credits, and diversity of the landscape, which provides an ideal canvas for any genre of television and film. Returning to the film, Here is a more detailed review of the locations for filming.

Atlanta, Georgia

“Your Boyfriend is Mine’ was shot primarily in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. Atlanta is a thriving metropolis with greenery and the highest density of urban trees of any nation. It is nevertheless an essential transportation hub. Additionally, the city played an essential role in its time in the American Civil War and the civil rights movement.

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Apart from transportation, the Atlanta economy is heavily reliant on aerospace, healthcare, logistics, information technology, biomedical research, finance, and finance. Due to the abundance of high-tech production studios within and within the city. In the past, Atlanta has witnessed the production of numerous films like “The Suicide Squad, “I Want You Back,”‘Ford v. Ferrari and ‘Single Black Female’ and the ‘Baby Driver.’

Your Boyfriend is Mine Cast

Jamie Roy plays Ben Howard, an attractive young man hired as housekeeper live-in. Roy’s most notable credits include films such as ‘ Picture Perfect Lies, ‘ Burning Little Lies, and ‘Flowers and Honey.’ Eli Jane portrays Amanda Ben’s rich and manipulative employer. The beautiful actress is famous for her role as Jane Arcs in the movie The Way. Other actors in “Your Boyfriend is Mine” include Sharonne Lanier (Detective Fisher), Chris Viber (Detective Moreno), Jesse Malinowski (Walker), Brey Noelle (Calli Gordon), Derek McDonnell (Harrison) as well as Marc De Stefano (Sam).

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Is Your Boyfriend is Mine a True Story?

It’s not true. “Your Boyfriend Is Mine’ is not based on a real story. The film’s authentic storyline is the work of creators Bryan Dick, Ken Sanders, and J. Bryan Dick. But, they probably wrote the film based on their observations of real-life situations. Ben’s girlfriend believes that Amanda is interested in Ben and that he could commit a shady act against her.

According to a study by the Institute for Family Studies, 16% of those who live in the USA have been caught cheating on their spouses during their marriage. In that study, 20% of men and 13% of females confessed to having had sexual relationships with someone else in a relationship that was not tied to their marriage. Many individuals have participated in office issues that could harm their relationships it’s safe to say that many individuals have participated in office issues.

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In addition, a survey from 2018 conducted by the Pew Research Center concluded that 59 percent of females and 27 percent of males were subjected to unwelcome sexual advances or physical or verbal harassment that was sexual or out of the workplace. It is clear that males too have been snubbed at work, just like Ben, who Amanda victimizes. This is why ‘Your Boyfriend is Mine’ is a thoughtful exploration of real-world issues through the lens of a fictionalized narrative. While the film isn’t an actual story, it illustrates the fragility of morality and human relations.

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