Jessica’s love is blind alcohol buzz – Here’s what you should know

Jessica's love is blind alcohol

It’s finally here! The reunion episode of Netflix’s relationship reality series “Love Is Blind” has been highly anticipated. It’s packed with dramatic exchanges, answers to the finale’s many cliffhangers.

Jessica Batten, the most contentious participant on the show, spoke about her feelings looking back at the show during the reunion. She stated that her alcohol use played a part in her actions.

Jessica stated that there were “some embarrassing moments” for her. It wasn’t easy because it was clear that I was going through some things.

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According to her, she decided to return to Chicago after filming was finished to make a change in her life. She currently resides in Los Angeles and is single.

Jessica argued throughout the 10-episode series whether she was meant for Mark or Barnett. Jessica also connected with another participant but ended up becoming engaged to Amber.

Jessica asked Barnett why Amber was with Amber (and Jessica, Mark), even after engaged. Barnett responded by saying that he was shocked that their relationship had lasted so long.

Jessica was frequently seen talking to Barnett about Amber’s relationship. Amber eventually married Barnett. Netflix
When all the engaged couples were in Mexico, tension peaked, and Jessica asked Barnett for a secret meeting to discuss their relationship.

During their conversation, Jessica looked visibly drunk. During the reunion, she spoke out about that moment and said she had been given whiskey before meeting Barnett.

Jessica said that she was drinking too much, which was very disturbing. Jessica also made derogatory comments about Mark, a beautiful person and very, very beautiful.

She clarified her physical attraction to Mark and said that she ultimately didn’t want to marry him because of the speed at which their relationship was progressing.

Mark replied, saying Jessica was a “phenomenal woman” and that he agreed that the show was “intense” but moved quickly. He stated that he did not have any hard feelings for Jessica.

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Jessica joked with Mark that Jessica had “never made me Italian beef,” which was a dish she promised to make during their first pod date.

Does Jessica have a drinking problem?

She stated that trauma from abuse and stress over her job led to her becoming dependent on alcohol and other drugs.
She wrote that she was “killing myself with all the drinking, pills” and added that she has been sober since Nov. 2017 and that therapy helped her heal.

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