Jimmy McClain Murder: Where is Dwayne Moore Now?

ID’s “Nightmare Next Doors” explored the baffling true crime cases within seemingly close-knit communities and shocked the country to the core. From interviews with investigators and prosecutors, family members, and family members to dramatic reenactments, almost everything is put together to reveal the shocking truth of each specific case. This is why season 10, episode 9, appropriately titled “Only the Good,” explores the murder in 2013 that took place in 2013 of Jimmy McClain in great detail. If you’d like to learn more about the incident and the whereabouts of the culprit, We’ve got you covered.

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How Did Jimmy McClain Die?

In his 49th year, Jimmy Fitzgerald McClain was a native of Tennessee. Arkansas native of Cordova, Tennessee, who’d made a name for himself as an athlete, brother, minister, teacher, and coach after everything was turned around. Not only did he have the MBA qualification in Management as well as played professionally for seven months before finally settling in a lovely, gated neighborhood located in Cordova around 1997. This was when he became a Youth Pastor, Business Instructor, and Assistant Basketball Coach at Ridgeway High School in Memphis, only to lose his life just 16 years after.

On February 22, 2013, Jimmy was unable to arrive at work for the third time without any prior notice. His worried colleagues called the police. They asked for an assessment of his welfare. When it was discovered that his vehicle was inside the garage and his door was locked, police looked through the windows to discover shell casings scattered throughout. They then entered the house and found him on the ground, dead and in a pool of dried blood lying on the floor. Jimmy was shot several times on the back of his chest and head with the .40 caliber gun just two days before.

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Who Killed Jimmy McClain?

As there was no indication of forced entry, and Jimmy’s possessions were in the proper place, The detectives speculated that the person who attacked him must be familiar with Jimmy. In addition, in addition to the crime, its own being considered heinous enough to suggest that it was a personal crime, well as the fact the scene was littered with a roll of the towel in front of the door, which is near the muddy footprints of size 11 or 10 athletic shoes. The police, therefore, questioned his entire family, which included his siblings, his estranged wife, step-children, as well as girlfriend. All of them did not have anything positive about the former athlete.

The authorities soon removed Jimmy’s girlfriend, but his ex-wife was sifted at more closely as she admitted she could get the house and the payment of $400,000 from the life insurance policy he had. However, she maintained that she and her ex-husband were on great terms despite being involved in divorce proceedings. She also offered her phone to be scanned. This is how the police discovered numerous deleted messages on her mobile that she had shared with her son, 19, Dwayne Moore, who pointed to the teenager as the potential culprit.

It was later brought to light that Dwayne and Jimmy weren’t always on the same page, and their relationship had become very tense since the coach had split up with her mother. So, the authorities honed on him and were able to find an image of him with an assault rifle AR-15 (which he had claimed to have been stolen) and the weapon used to kill (which he’d sold to an acquaintance). If that weren’t enough, his ex-girlfriend has not only confirmed the size of his shoes is 10.5 but also that his attitude was not the most positive mental state during the night of the murder on February 20, 2013, that led to his arrest on March 25, 2013.

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Where is Dwayne Moore Now? Is He Dead or Alive?

Dwayne Moore’s 2014 trial prosecution claimed that he killed his stepfather following an attack in his house with his key to get the money from insurance his family would get. They claimed that he wanted the cash and to get free of Jimmy, who was his stepfather. The jury ultimately agreed with them since they were found guilty of second-degree murder on June 17, 2014.

Thus, Dwayne was sentenced to 22 years of prison without parole. He attempted to appeal, but without success. In the Tennessee Department of Corrections Records, Dwayne Moore passed away during his confinement in a state facility in April 2020. The reason for his death and any additional details have not been disclosed.

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