Joe Gatto’s Unexpected Exit from Impractical Jokers | Importance of Eric Andre in Next Episode

Joe Gatto's Unexpected Exit from Impractical Jokers | Importance of Eric Andre in Next Episode

The TruTV show Improvised Jokers fans waited with anticipation to see how the hidden camera show would progress after the announcement of host Joe Gatto’s departure from the show. Gatto was a founding member of The Tenderloins comedy troupe alongside James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Sal “Prince Herb” Vulcano; Gatto decided to concentrate on his family before the beginning of the year, which led to him calling IJ’s future IJ to question.

There was speculation about whether any of the show’s plethora of regulars supporting the show would fill in Gatto’s role and include producer Casey Jost, frequent guest Rob Emmer, or Impractical Jokers after Party host Joey Fatone (yes, that Joey Fatone). Instead, the announcement was made the possibility that Eric Andre would join the cast for a special, which will premiere in April on Tru TV, TBS, and TNT and will be followed by the possibility of future episodes featuring other famous guests taking on the role of “fourth Joker.”

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A veteran of boundary-pushing hidden camera show pranks — and having one of the very few live-action shows available on an animated channel like Adult Swim — Andre is a great choice, and his appearance has already been highly sought-after. It’s also vital for what’s to come from Improvised Jokers.

Joe Gatto’s Unexpected Exit from Impractical Jokers

People who are only familiar with Andre from his tinny supporting performances on Don’t trust to Believe —- On The Apartment 23, as well as Man Seeking Woman, might question his appearance on IJ. However, those who have seen him on the Adult Swim series The Eric Andre Show and the film 2021 Bad Trip, or his appearance in Jackass Forever might be wondering the same question.

Andre pushed boundaries with weird and disgusting hidden camera footage thrown at an uninitiated audience in the films and series. In the most recent season of TEAS, he added 20 pounds to his weight and also had hair removed from his body. The reason for this is that he’d lost weight in the previous season but let his hair grow, which was why it was sensible to reverse the process.

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In many ways, Andre is the ideal replacement for Gatto. Both are confident when put in awkward situations and are not afraid to make themselves look embarrassing and embarrassed to get a laugh. Andre’s inclination to be a bit more extreme, which reflects the TEAS’sadult viewers as opposed to the IJ channel, which has a younger demographic and is followed by a lot of families. Gatto’s Achilles heel was due to more psychological motives. He was not opposed to being embarrassed or changing into his underwear and then wiggling at mildly insulting an innocent viewer.

Being aware of Jokers’ boundaries is what differentiates IJ from other similar shows. Although the reactions to problems can be, watching the friends who have been around for a long time exploit the weaknesses and tics of each other to create maximum discomfort can be where IJ shines. They know how to make each other uncomfortable after working together for over a decade and having been around each other from high school.

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The extent to which there was a relation between Andre and IJ IJ crew isn’t known; however, his involvement in similar projects must put him in the spotlight. The only thing is that he’s scheduled to appear only in only one episode, so his appearance will be a test of whether the show can adapt to those who aren’t Joe Gatto.

Joey Fatone and actress Jameela Jamil (soon to play Titania in the coming Disney+ She-Hulk series directed by Kat Coiro) have previous connections to the Jokers. They will likely join the show when it is back in the summer. Perhaps the show will recruit “Weird Al” Yankovic after his forthcoming Roku biopic is released.

Someone similar to Andre could be a suitable match due to his similar work style; however, his chemistry and relationship in the show with Murray, Quinn, and Vulcano will be the ultimate litmus check for the new direction’s success. If a universally endorsed replacement such as Andre isn’t able to achieve success, then what chance does anyone else stand?

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