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Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer finale — Who Finds Love?

Did Steven McBee and Kurt Sowers discover love? Who were they? How did the women feel about Joe Millionaire and the Average Joe? All your questions are answered in this article.

The season finale on Thursday night, “Joe Millionaire: For richer or poorer,” addressed all the fans’ questions.

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‘Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer finale – who finds love? The Complete Story

Millionaire Steven had narrowed the choice to Calah and Annie before the final. At the same time, Kurt was torn between Amanda as well as Carolyn.

When they debated which option to choose and who to pick, the ladies were in an even more perplexed state, uncertain of whether the woman they’d been in love with had picked the same back up — or which one was the millionaire.

After romantic dates on the final night that added more confusion, the time came to decide.

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In an open confessional, Kurt said his head was with Amanda; however, his heart belonged to Carolyn. However, in a surprising twist, after he had a chance to meet Carolyn, at the end of the day, she told him, “My heart is with another person.”

The producer later said, “It’s basically an insult,” as she left.

A tearful Steven decided to end it with Annie, and Annie later admitted that she was shocked by the breakup.

But there was a bright future for these two men, and they presented vow rings to Amanda and Calah. Kurt told Amanda that he was for her, and Steven told Amanda he could not imagine life without Calah.

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In the final moment of the night, Kurt first admits that he’s not a millionaire. Amanda, rich but not a millionaire, said she was not bothered by the announcement.

Steven is content to say he has plenty.

Who does Steven end up with on Joe Millionaire?

Millionaire Steven McBee searched for someone who would cherish him with his whole heart, not for his bank account. He was fortunate to have discovered that person in his girlfriend of a while, Calah Jackson, who was split between her and his friend “Joe” Kurt Sowers, happily took her promise to marry him.

How long is the Joe Millionaire finale?

The show was a huge success for Fox, and the season finale, which lasted two hours, was watched by at the most 34.6 million viewers, making it among Fox’s top-rated entertainment shows of all time.

Where is Joe Millionaire For Richer or Poorer filmed?

Joe Millionaire is a film for Richer or Poorer was shot in Jackson, a city in Butts County, Georgia, at Lakeshore Manor.

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