Joycity brings the FreeStyle 3on3 Family by releasing an exclusive Cross-Platform Update

Joycity brings the FreeStyle 3on3 Family by releasing an exclusive Cross-Platform Update

The update will allow all PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam gamers to play freely together without limits to the platform.

Thanks to the crossplay feature, players can invite friends from other platforms, join them as 3 on 3 Friends, and then play.

Events and new content will be available simultaneously on 3 platforms for the first time, keeping crossplay in the back of our minds. In the future, 3on3 FreeStyle will now provide the same events, content and updates for all platforms. 

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This implies that 3on3 FreeStyle’s Steam version (launched this year) will be swiftly moved to bridge the content parity gap with its console cousins.

“Mission: Possible!” event “Mission: Possible!” The event gives players the chance to win an exclusive, themed jersey and name tag by completing various missions that celebrate the newly introduced cross-play capabilities.

Participants who log into games within 30 days from the date on the day will receive a unique “Together” buff ball. Furthermore, the current P5 characters rotation will allow new players to explore a variety of P5 characters with no restrictions.

JOYCITY is thrilled to launch an exciting new chapter in street basketball with the introduction of the crossplay on all platforms available that allows 3on3 FreeStyle. Players can now find and compete with more players using diverse styles with new challenges and a renewed sense of the game.

Does 3on3 FreeStyle require Xbox Live Gold?

A variety of free-to-play games available on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One consoles will not require the purchase of an Xbox Live Gold membership, Microsoft announced on Wednesday. The complete list of games accessible online with no Xbox Live subscription is below 3on3 FreeStyle.

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What is the best way to play 3on3 FreeStyle on a cross-platform?

Joycity has released an update to crossplay on 3on3 FreeStyle, which allows all players on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam to play without restriction together without limitations on platforms. With the crossplay update, players can invite friends from other platforms, register them as 3on3 friends’ and play with them.

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