Katherine Foster Murder

Katherine Foster Murder: Where is Jamie Kellam LeTson?

In 1980, the bright career of Katherine Foster was cruelly cut short by her murder on the campus of the college located in Mobile, Alabama. It took nearly 30 years to get the investigation to be finally resolved and provide answers for family members of Katherine. Investigation Discovery’s “Nightmare Next Door Dear Katherine This is Me the Killer” chronicles how a letter led police to the murderer of the teenager some years after. So, let’s learn what transpired, will we?

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Katherine Foster Murder: Why Did Katherine Foster Die?

Katherine Elizabeth Foster, a native of Pascagoula, Mississippi, was born in March 1961. People who knew her had described her as a caring and ambitious young lady who lived who was close to her parents. The 18-year old was a committed Catholic musician, pianist, and athlete. At the moment of the incident, she was an undergraduate student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. The circumstances could not be better for Katherine, with a promising future ahead and a long-lasting connection to her high-school love, who was also attending the same institution.

But, Katherine did not see her family or friends following February 21, 1980. According to the program, family members reported her missing just a day later. The search for her continued throughout February 23, when a search team located the body in a forest close to her home. She was shot once on the side of her head and then on the right temple another time. It appeared that her makeup was flawless, and she was well dressed. There was no sign of a fight or ligature markings, which suggests that Katherine knew who was her killer and was able to go there.

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Who was the killer of Katherine Foster?

The show claims that Katherine is supposed to have a meeting with two of her acquaintances on February 21, 1980. One is Susie, as well as the third, is Jamie Kellam. They planned to go downtown. But, Katherine never showed up, and Jamie informed Susie that she might be together with her partner. The 18-year-old girl didn’t show into her class until later, and the boyfriend also had no idea where she was. After the parents were notified, they contacted the police.

A variety of roadblocks plagued the investigation in the beginning. Other than the weapon used in the murder not being found and the lack of evidence to point toward the murderer. In the end, the case became a mystery and was eventually closed. However, in 2002 an incident involving an email led authorities to revisit the case. The letter was believed to be composed by Jamie Kellam, who now was known as Jamie Kellam Letson. As the police probed her, they discovered that she was previously sentenced to time for bank fraud and theft and other crimes.

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Jamie wrote the letter in her recovery process while she was participating in Alcoholics Anonymous. It was later discovered to be true that Jamie and Katherine lived together in Pascagoula, Mississippi, but they had only come to know each other through the university. The letter explained the motives behind her killing Katherine, and Jamie took it to the cemetery as her patron waited in her car. Jamie confessed later to her friend and her sponsor as well. Jamie was detained at the halfway house in Mississippi in the year 2008.

At the time that the crime occurred, Jamie had been “obsessed” with Katherine’s boyfriend and had a desire to have him for herself. The anger was the motive behind Jamie killing Katherine. In her note, Jamie wrote, “After all these years, I’ve been to see you. I am Jamie, the girl who killed you from your home.”

According to the program, Jamie later told the authorities that she enticed Katherine into the woods because she wanted to search for plants to teach the botany class. She later admitted to shooting Katherine two times in her head using the gun she had stolen from her mother. Jamie later disposed of the gun in a garbage bin, after which she met Susie outside the lot of the police station on February 21.

At the time, Jamie was considered a person of interest but was not arrested. Katherine’s death date was incorrectly calculated, and the result was that Jamie appeared to have an alibi when authorities initially thought Katherine was dead. The letter reads, “I don’t know where to begin. I was your acquaintance.

However, I was obsessed with Tom and you were always in my way. To be fair, Tom hated me after your death … even though nobody could be able to prove that I shot you and everyone was aware my obsession with Tom and that I manipulatively gotten into the lives of his family, and that I think most people believed that I was responsible for your death.”

Is Jamie Kellam Where is Jamie Kellam Letson

In May of this year, the 49-year-old Jamie Kellam Letson was found guilty of killing Katherine over 30 years earlier. The defence argued that an employee of a security company who was once thought of as a possible suspect was the actual murderer, and Jamie’s confession was fabricated. However, the jury ruled otherwise. In June of 2010, Jamie got sentenced to life imprisonment. The court records indicate that Jamie is in prison at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women located in Wetumpka, Alabama. She is eligible for parole in November 2023.

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