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Kristin, Alum, explains why Ariana Grande is the right person to play Glinda in The Film Adaptation

The most adored and loved modern musical is Wicked.And last night. After years of development behind closed doors, Glinda and Elphaba are scheduled to hit on the screen soon. Jon M. Chu’s film version. In November, pop star Ariana Grande Glinda the Good Witch was portrayed by her and Cynthia Erivo’s Elphaba. In the wake of the casting, the original Glinda reveals why she’s completely on board with Grande as the character.

Ariana Grande can be a controversial choice for a lot of fans. Fans probably because she’s not an actress and doesn’t carry a particular image as a performer that is difficult to dismantle. Kristin Chernoweth made an impressive argument. Grande is a fantastic option for the role. In the words of Chenoweth:

My best friend is, and I’ve known her since she was ten years older. 

Why Ariana Grande is Right Person to Play Glinda 

SHE’S GOING TO BE THE PERFECT PERSON FOR THAT CROWN AND WAND, AND I BELIEVE SHE WILL. … MAYBE SOME people are aware of this about the ARI, but she’s REALLY funny, really fun. GLINDA must be fun and a little dreadful. Sing low and high. The GIRL was there. The moment she saw it, I WEEPED.

While you’re watching today, Chenoweth gushed about Ariana Grande’s role in the film. She also said she’s known her for a long time and can tell her that she’ll “nail” the role. Chenoweth had the pleasure of meeting Grande first in 2003 when Chenoweth was playing Glinda on Broadway. Grande, a teenager and her grandmother, returned to the stage to meet her. Grande appeared to sing for Chenoweth. Grande received a replica of the wand from the show and was instructed by the singer/actress. “follow your heart,” and they’ve remained in contact.

It’s not surprising that Chenoweth wept when Ariana Grande was chosen to play the character the first time. It all began with her being Glinda at Broadway as well. She’s able to follow her story from beginning to end. They’ve been working together since 2016’s Hairspray LiveGrande used Chenoweth as an instructor of voice. The VoiceLast season. See the two of them talking about the show.

Wicked Is expected to begin production in the summer, but many roles are to fill. We’ve seen the film’s trailer. Call to all disabled people part of Nessa, Cynthia Erivo hint that Grande is already working closely with Cynthia ErivoBefore you begin to take on leadership roles.

Idina Menzel, Kristen Chenoweth, and Kristen Chenoweth debuted the roles on Broadway about a decade before the musical was selected for the 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. WickedBroadway’s principal Broadway production, The Lion King, is still a hit. The first New York City production, Black Glinda, is making its debut. We’ll keep you updated in the meantime as we follow the Wicked film moves ahead as one of Hollywood’s Up and coming films; there is plenty to be excited about.

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