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This article is about the Emma app review which is a money management tool that automatically categorizes your expenses. It can help you set budgets, cancel unneeded subscriptions, and save money in the end. Before going further, take a look at what Emma actually does.

What does Emma do?

Emma analyzes your finances in one location, giving you a better understanding of your spending habits and various tools that will help you make better money decisions.

All your money management in one place

  • Emma consolidates all your transactions into one place. This allows you to track your bank accounts and savings, investments, and cryptocurrencies together, as well as your pensions.
  • Emma works with the UK’s major banks and gives you a complete view of all transactions across your accounts. This saves you the time of checking each app.
  • Emma allows you to set up manual accounts for providers that they do not cover or simply keep track of cash expenses.

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Smart Budgeting

  • Emma’s technology allows you to group transactions into different spending categories, making it easier to track your expenses.
  • Emma will help you set your budget and take care of the rest. Emma will link your budget to your pay period. Emma can also use the “Emma reports” feature to inform you if your spending is on track.

Keep track of subscriptions.

  • Emma makes it easy to track recurring payments. Emma analyzes, identifies, and presents you with a list of all active subscriptions.
  • Emma gives you the complete transaction history for each subscription provider. This allows you to spot price changes and cancel unneeded subscriptions.

What is the cost of Emma?

Download the app for free and get started with Emma.

Emma can choose between two subscription plans.

Top Features:

  • Find out the reason you are being charged bank fees.
  • Emma’s automatic payment category will help you understand your spending habits.
  • To encourage saving, you can receive feedback reports.

Emma Pro

Cost: 9.99 USD per month or PS59.99 for a full year

Top Features:

  • When you shop via the Emma app, earn 2x cashback from various retailers. You will receive cashback rewards in your Emma wallet. These can be withdrawn to PayPal.
  • You can create custom transaction categories specific to your life and budget them.
  • You can set saving goals and track your progress.
  • To track cash purchases, mortgages, and accounts in other countries that Emma does not support, manually create an account.

Is Emma under the FCA’s supervision?

Yes, you can perform payment services activities.

Is Emma able to connect to my bank account through Emma?

Yes, Emma must be connected to your bank account to allow you to view all transactions in one place.

Is Emma safe?

Emma claims that it uses the same encryption technology used by all major banks to protect personal information. It does not store your banking credentials and can only access your data as read-only. This means your account cannot be accessed, and the money inside it can’t even be stolen.

Is it possible to withdraw money from Emma?

Yes, you can withdraw any rewards from the app through PayPal.

Is Emma part of a referral program?

Yes. Refer a friend to Emma Pro and earn a PS15 referral bonus.

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