Leave Me Alone Duke Spoiler

(Update)Leave Me Alone Duke Spoiler

The fiancee, who had been missing for five years, reappeared with a child.
“Is this child my child?”
“We don’t have a relationship anymore.”

But her fiancee rejected him for reasons he didn’t understand, and he was irritated because he didn’t know, but it didn’t matter.

“There’s still a lot of time.” So go easy on yourself.”


“There was no other woman in my life except you, in the past, present, and future.” It was intended to lure him and make him fall in love with him once more.

[Mabel, that woman]

She returned to the royal castle after a five-year absence. She abducted his child. “Are you no longer in love with me?”

“Yeah. “I’m not in love with you.”

“… lie,” says the narrator. She despised this man for approaching her with such bravado, appearing to know nothing about her, while she attempted to murder her.

“I am no longer impulsive.” It’s not about destroying the environment.”


“I like you.” But why does the resentful heart begin to beat again in front of it?

“First, she misunderstood him, and second, he loves her, which is why he went insane when the girl he loved disappeared.”

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