Lennes Rise Elden Ring | How to Get into Lenne’s Rising with Elden Ring

lennes rise elden ring

Here are the steps to get into Lenne’s Rise in Elden Ring and obtain another Memory Stone.

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Towers can be considered locations in Elden Ring. These towers are found throughout the Lands Between. Seluvis’s Rise, Renna’s Rise, and Ranni’s Rise within Three Sisters can all be found in the same place. Lenne’s Rise, however, is the only one found in Dragonbarrow.

Lenne’s Rise entrance can also be blocked, just like Renna in Elden Ring. Although Renna can unlock her tower by completing Ranni’s questline, Lenne’s Rise does not seem to open.

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Lenne’s Rise Location In Elden Ring

Lenne’s Rise is located northeast of Caelid in Dragonbarrow. Lenne’s Rise can be reached even though it is in Caelid. Players who just started Elden Ring will still need to complete some complex steps. This requires you to complete D, the Hunter of the Dead’s quest.

After receiving a Deathroot from a Tibia Mariner boss within Elden Ring, you can show it to D the Hunter of the Dead at Roundtable Hold. The red mark will appear on the map. Teleport to Third Church of Marika, then follow the red marker until players reach a portal. You can use it to teleport directly to Greyroll’s Dragonbarrow, located just outside Bestial Sanctum. (northwest from Caelid).

You can ignore the Black Blade Kindred boss in front of the entrance and instead use Torrent to travel southeast. You will find two bridges from here. The first one is protected by the dragon.

Instead, continue southeast to the second bridge. This is safer and will direct you to Lenne’s Rise Site Of Lost Grace. There are plenty of poison traps that can be found along this road. Light the bonfire by crossing the bridge.

The first bridge is available for Tarnished who don’t want their bodies Poisoned. Flying Dragon Greyll protects the bridge. To minimize damage, wait until it turns around, then ride through its legs of it using Torrent. Keep moving forward until the players are faced with two paths. You can choose the one to the left and jump down from the small rock. Lenne’s Rise can be found there.

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How to get into Lenne’s Rise In Elden Ring

Lenne’s Rise cannot be reached by jumping onto its balcony via the Spirit Spring. Standing in the Spirit Spring, face towards the balcony and then jump to the roof. Players who land on Lenne’s Rise roof can simply descend to reach the balcony and enter Lenne’s Tower.

Lenne’s Rise is only afflicted by Arcane Spheres of Faces. It doesn’t move nor have any fatal attacks, so it isn’t a threat. You can ignore it and go upstairs to find the chest. It holds a Memory Stone which will increase Tarnished’s ability to cast spells by one.

Elden Ring is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, and Series X.

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