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The other shoe dropped. Following years of speculation on the fate of the Harmony range of universal remotes, Logitech has declared that it will stop making these devices from the moment they are released.

In a blog post on its support website, Logitech said that the remaining inventory of Harmony remotes would be available through retail channels until the stock runs out. It plans to continue providing support for the remote in the next few years.

“We plan to support our Harmony community and new Harmony customers, which includes access to our software and apps to set up and manage your remotes,” the blog post states. “We will also keep updating the platform and to add new gadgets to the Harmony database. Support for warranty and customer service will continue to be available.”

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The writing was on the wall for many years regarding Harmony remotes which Logitech bought in 2004. In the year 2013, Logitech made announcements about selling its Harmony brand. Then, in the year, Logitech President Bracken Darrell declared Harmony the company a “small business” that was rapidly losing its relevance in the market of streaming video services.

“I think over time, you’ll have fewer and fewer people who feel like they really need that universal remote,” Darrell said to The Verge.

However, the Harmony universal remotes are likely to be missed by A/V enthusiasts looking for one remote that can manage all their home theater equipment.

The Harmony range spans from low-cost standalone wands to touch-enabled network-connected devices that can cost hundreds of dollars and can control everything from receivers and smart T.V.s to game consoles and even smart lighting.

Though they’re generally regarded as the universal remotes on the market, Harmony devices had seemingly become scarce in the past several years, with many of them not being available or available only as refurbishments It’s been a while since Logitech has released the launch of a brand new Harmony model.

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In the last week, Wirecutter has listed the Logitech Harmony Companion and Logitech Harmony 665 as top picks and put the remotes in its “buyer beware” category in light of rumors that Logitech was in the process of ending the Harmony line in its entirety. Harmony line.

In the case of the Harmony remotes that remain in use, Harmony says they’ll continue to function and keep its huge collection of home theater gadgets that Harmony remotes can control.

Harmony’s Alexa and Google Assistant integrations will continue to function, Harmony said, adding that it will continue to provide support for Harmony devices, which include laptops, desktops, Android, and iOS software updates “as long as customers are using [them].”

Let’s give a hand to Harmony. I’ve used Harmony remotes for over 15 years, and it was an enjoyable time for the duration.

Daniel Downey
Daniel Downey
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