Lost Ark Camouflage Robe And Locations

Lost Ark Camouflage Robe

“Where is Rudric’s location?” is a common query within “The Lost Ark” chat. This isn’t surprising since Rudric is the very first World Boss you’ll come across. If you beat him, it will be an item in the Adventure Tome, which is perfect for people who want to achieve and all those who appreciate reward points.

The problem is that the game doesn’t reveal its location of Rudric. To avoid an endless search Here’s the Rudric Boss’s location, his time of spawn, and the best way to beat him. Best of luck!

What is Rudric in Lost Ark?

Since a lot of players are asking this query in the chat of the game and chat, let’s address it quickly: Rudric is a World Boss, and defeating him is a way to tick off a checkbox in the Adventurer’s Tome. In essence, he’s one of the primary big bad guys that is spawned sporadically, causing players to reveal his location in-game.

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This is the answer that’s practical at the very least. According to the Lost Ark lore, Rudric was once a High Priest of the Holy Sacrian Empire. The Empire was destroyed and with it Rudric. But not before experimenting with forbidden magic and turning himself into an uncontrollable corpse and soul-eater however. Rudric has now settled in a beautiful graveyard, bound to fight Lost Ark players looking for treasure for eternity.

Rudric Lost Ark location and time to respawn in Lost Ark

Rudric only appears only in the Graveyard which is part of Rethramis Map of Borders (see the image). Rudric isn’t tied to a specific spot however, he is always inside the red circle to the left. Rethramis Border will be the 4th location you’ll find after completing the prologue of Lost Ark, so you’ll be able to locate Rudric very early.

The right location isn’t necessarily the hardest aspect of defeating the first Lost Ark World Boss though. The biggest challenge is finding him once the game is actually in play (or walking around at the very very least). Rudric has a respawn duration of 30 minutes. And it’s not often that he’s alive for long enough before being taken down.

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If you aren’t able to see any indication of anything when you enter the Graveyard It’s possible to sit and wait or (and it’s better) switch channels at the upper right-hand part of the screen. Continue switching channels until you discover one that has a new Rudric.

Rudric drops and gets rewards

You’re not fighting a Lost Ark World Boss for free Do you? Rudric releases the following things:

  • Health supplements
  • Silver
  • Random equipment
  • A first loot bag for clearance that contains three pieces of awesome gear One epic item such as the Secret Map, Eternity Essence, and the Rudric Card.

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How do you beat Rudric from Lost Ark?

We’d be proud of your courage but it’s best to keep away from Rudric when you’re the sole person in the game. If there are many other players fighting for your attention and he’s not any chance. But, you may want to keep these Rudric tactics in your head:

  1. Be sure to have lots of health supplements as well as Phoenix Feathers (instant rejuvenation) on your side. If you’re looking to take on harm without getting too close, bring the bombs also. The Swiftness Robe (increased the speed of your movement), as well as a Camouflage Robe (providing temporary protection), can be useful too.
  2. If Rudric summons his gang, it is best to stay clear from him and eliminate the undead of a smaller size first.
  3. Rudric is a bit slow and mainly relies on melee strikes, so If you’re a character with a ranged type is a good bet. Melee classes should attempt to overcome Rudric and then land powerful punches, and then dodge away.
  4. One area-of-effect attack you must be aware of particularly. Double blue circles will be formed around Rubric and strike every person in that circle. You are able to avoid it but it’s best to avoid Rudric because he won’t be able to hit the players directly in front of him. There’s a good chance to knock him down.

Best of luck in Your Lost Ark Rudric hunt!

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