Lost Ark Long Boot Time | Easy Ways To Make Lost Ark’s Starting Time Less

Lost Ark Long Boot Time

Lost Ark offers players an exciting experience while they explore and earn loot from friends. However, the excitement of the game can be diminished by the loading time, which is much longer than other titles. While it’s not stated in any official way by Smilegate however, the reason that has been speculated by many as the reason for the slow start-up of Lost Ark could be because of the Anti-Cheat checking of the player’s computer.

Lost Ark Long Boot Time issue: Like all games, and especially ones that require a lot of ground, having an anti-cheat system that is functional is essential to making sure that the game can play as evenly as it can and that every player is on a fair playing field. Since everyone wants to confront the inequity that comes with playing against cheaters. However, how can players make the starting up time go faster?

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Lost Ark Long Boot Time

How can players make Lost Ark’s starting timeless?

Lost Ark head start early access

The start-up time for Lost Ark isn’t instantaneous, even when playing on a premium PC. Older computers may struggle more as some players report that it can take as long as 15 minutes to start your game the very first time.

The good thing is that after the game is loaded, loading times will not be as long. It is not a pleasant experience. However, players are able to try some steps to correct the problem.

Players can try installing the game on an SDD vs. an HDD

The players with the game running on the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) will experience a longer time to load than players who have the game installed on an SSD. Solid State Drive (SDD). The reason is that an HDD utilizes moving components to load games, unlike an SSD, which is not subject to the same restrictions. Users who upgrade to an SSD experience a decrease in loading time.

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Try shutting down other programs in the background.

Although it might not be possible to just transfer one’s game to an SSD however, gamers can test various other options. To begin, close any unneeded applications operating in the background, for example, web browsers Discord as well as other related software. With more time to focus on the game’s launch, the process can be speeded up.

Try to remove the warning logo screens.

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Note This method could cause problems for certain Lost Ark players and is not recommended in all cases to take care of.

Players experiencing lag issues during launch can disable the intro logos and warnings and let players launch the game straight into server selection.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Find the movies folder located at this location on your computer: Open ~\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Lost Ark\EFGame\Movies.
  • Locate the file called SGintro_USA_Warning.English.ipk. The file’s name should be changed to one that players will be able to remember. (The purpose behind this is that it allows players to change their name back to the correct name in the event of a glitch in the game of the player.). It could be named something general like SGintroUSA.ipk.

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If players change the file’s name will notice two changes in their gameplay:

  1. The time to start the boot during the initial boot should be less time.
  2. The company has stopped using its ESC keys to skim scenes.

Eliminating the warning screen does not permit players to skip the cutscenes; therefore, players must decide if having a quicker beginning is more worth the sacrifice of being unable to avoid the cutscenes altogether.

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