Lost Ark Pull It Together Location

Lost Ark Pull It Together Location

She Drifts Sea Gifts is one of the numerous daily quests you can undertake during your time in Lost Ark. The guide below will assist you with the quest and inform you about its benefits.

How to Complete She Drifts, Sea Gifts Quest in Lost Ark

She Drifts Sea Gifts is a simple and quite rewarding daily quest within Lost Ark. It is significant because it must be completed by players who want to obtain possession of The Astray Ship. If you continue reading, and in the final portion of the manual you’ll learn how you can find the ship.

It’s a daily task that you must complete for the duration of 25 days. At the conclusion, you’ll receive the rewards, which include a blueprint for the Astray Ship. To complete the quest, you’ll need to complete either Sailing Co-Op mission Yarn or Arthritine.

To find out where the spawning area is, click the timer icon located in the upper left corner and then press the Cogwheel. Navigate to Sailing, and you’ll discover the locations of spawn for the event.

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Once the event is underway When the event begins, press the Q key three times. This will sink the treasure into the sea by using the crane on your vessel. Three times pressing Q gets the quest completed, but you are able to go on to collect more rewards.

The rewards you receive for completing the quest are normal and unique simultaneously. The pirate coins will be awarded following the successful conclusion of the quest, and the quantity of these coins depends on the status of your reputation. The reward for the highest rank is 29K pirate coins as well as an outline of Astray Ship.

You must give the blueprint in exchange for the payment of 300K pirate coins in order to purchase the vessel.

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