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Love is Blind Cameron and Lauren Baby | Real or Fake News

The second season Love Is Blind, is available to binge-watch. The popular reality show first appeared on our television TV screens in 2020. the majority of us were stunned by the very first episode. This wasn’t your typical love story. People were in relationships and falling for each other before meeting one another.

One couple noticed in the initial season was Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton. They’re still in the game after they tied the knot in the year 2018. They’vee accumulated thousands of fans and expanded their sports and entertainment agenc in the pasty. They’ve been extremely transparent about the evolution and development of their friendship, recording and sharing the story on social media as well as YouTube.

After a lot of success, The couple has now relocated to their new family home, and they are ready to try for their first babies.

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“We’re Actively Trying” Love is Blind Cameron and Lauren are ready to have A Baby!

“We’re active in testing. This means that there’s a lot of practice at the moment,” Lauren told Entertainment Tonight in a joking manner. “But we’re having fun practicing.”

The News comes after the couple has had to deal with enthusiastic fans who’ve longed to see them create the family since they fell attracted to them during the show.

“Even even if we share an ordinary photo or something similar to that, there are always comments like”When’s the baby due? Is Lauren pregnant? ‘” Cameron explained.

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The couple recently purchased their new house, and it’s luxurious at its best. The home has a mancave that’s on the lower level, as well as a glamorous space for Speed to apply the makeup in, as well as a theater to enjoy a romantic date night and much more. Speed says they’re all set to bring in some new babies.

When they went on ET for a walk around the area, she showed them a Cameron constructed table from scratch. She laughed, “Once we have kids and they’re banging it, I’m going to say, ‘You know that your father built this table! Be gentle.’

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We’re always cheering for them! We hope that the happy couple will expand their family in a best way for them. We wish them joy and success.

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