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Kelly And Kenny

The love affair or lack thereof between Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes might not have resulted in an ending that was happy on The Netflix show Love is Blind. However, to a certain degree, it was the outcome they wanted to see.

Before Kelly stated “I do not” during their ceremony, she and Kenny decided that they would not be marrying on the show. They saw their engagement not as a chance to spend more time with each other rather as a binding wedding.

“We were clear that we are not getting wed,” Kenny tells PEOPLE. “And it was true that the engagement was just to prolong the process. We were both in agreement to that.”

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Are Kelly And Kenny Still Together

The couple might be on the same page regarding not declaring “I do”; however, they weren’t really on the same page regarding what would happen next.

“I believed we were going to keep dating because it was the way we communicated,” Kelly says. “And the day came to our final day of filming when he had a chat with me, saying, “I think I’m not emotionally ready at the moment. I need some time away from you. I felt extremely disappointed, as if “That was not the way to go. What’s the matter? ‘”

“A few weeks after that, we didn’t talk,” she adds, crying. “I’d been talking to him for six weeks, and then I didn’t speak with him in a while. This was like the loss of someone. It was a difficult time.”

For Kenny to take a break from Kelly is more about him than about Kelly.

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“I simply needed to concentrate on me,” he explains. “We’d been so insistent that we’re not even engaged in our decision not to get married. We’ll be looking into it, maybe dating afterward; however, to be honest, the moment was that moment; due to the anxiety it created for my family, friends, and friends and hers, I was being conscious that all of this is real. These emotions are real. The experience we had was an experience. However, life is much more complicated than this. It is essential to find my right framework.”

They had completed shooting after a few weeks, but they hadn’t spoken; Kelly reached out to Kenny.

“I did write him a note in hand and not as a letter that said, “I’m in love with you, ” which is not ridiculous. However, it was more like saying, ‘I truly loved being able to get to know you, and I admire you and want to keep enjoying getting to know you better,” Kelly admits. “I didn’t get any response, and it could have scared him out, and I was writing a letter to let out a lot of feelings.”

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Kenny has not responded to the request for information.

“Looking in the back of my mind, I believe that it’s a reflection of the person I was at the time and what I’ve learned in the years since then,” she says. “I do not like being rejected, for instance. This has happened, but I’m trying to take control of the situation, and I lost my control. He dropped his hand, and I asked, “What’s the matter?’ So it became me trying by writing the letter. I was determined to achieve it, but I needed to step back. Then I did.”

After a few months, Kelly came back to her with a different strategy.

“I don’t recall the exact words I used; however, I apologize,” she explains. “I thought. “Maybe it was too for me to ask for the letter. I was just writing about what I felt at that moment. I replied, “But, it’s just an issue under the bridge. It was that. I didn’t even bring it up ever again.”

“I felt as if I had been losing someone.” Kelly continues. “That’s why I’m crying this moment. That’s probably why I was emotional while watching the show again myself. These feelings began to pop back for me. … Perhaps had I not written that letter, and perhaps had I let the mango and reset the clock, who knows what could have occurred? Perhaps he’d be and said, “You are right? I do love you. I’m going to be back. I’m not sure. But it doesn’t matter.”

She looks at Kenny and tells him, “I care about you and love you. And I am sure that I love the person you are and I’m so glad for you. And I am sure that everything happens for reasons, and it worked out as it was intended to.”

She says her only regret is saying ‘Yes,’ but She’s glad She ended it before the wedding.

After the show’s premiere, Kelly dated a friend (who went to her wedding! Is Blind wedding! ). However, it did not work out. However, Kenny has discovered love and has been with a man.

“The incident made me concentrate on the aspects that matter,” Kenny says. “I was determined to return to my roots, so I set out on the following seven, eight months to improve myself, which led me to be truly open to anyone and realize the people who will meet you where you are. They’d like to love you as much as you would cherish them. It’s been a lovely experience for me. I wouldn’t be here now without it.”

“I have no regrets,” he says. “We’re perfect as we are.”

“Love Is Blind” Season 1 of the show is now available on Netflix. Check out the reunion of the cast on YouTube here.

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