Lucy donato actress 911 - Here's What You Must Know About

Lucy donato actress 911 – Here’s What You Must Know

The 9-1-1 promo spring 2022 premiere is full of everything we love, such as people climbing down the sides of buildings, explosions, and a dead person covered in spiderwebs and real spiders. This is what makes the show an essential watch and why we continue to watch it.

In terms of returning The two Howie “Chimney” Han (Kenneth Choi) and Maddie Kendall (Jennifer Love Hewitt) are back and, to say the words of Chimney it’s like they never left.

The commercial doesn’t show us the arrival of a new firefighter to the ranks. Who is Lucy Donato on 9-1-1 and will she be joining the team to shake things up?

Who is Lucy Donato on ‘9-1-1’?

Arielle Kebbel is transferring to Station 118, where she will be LAFD firefighters Lucy Donato. It seems that Lucy comes from a the firehouse that competes with 147.

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This causes us to be concerned because shouldn’t everyone work together to defeat the common enemy, fire? A little competition is never harmful to anyone, unless it causes people injured.

Lucy is “super confident, confident and equally adept at making crucial decisions as she is when she speaks the truth,” per the outlet.

If we don’t have established the rivalry sufficiently Lucy is being portrayed as the “daredevil equivalent” for Evan “Buck” Buckley (Oliver Stark).

This can result in a backlash because individuals who have a lot in common tend to struggle more than they can get along. Let’s see if these two Evel Knievel’s will discover common ground.

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